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Stop wearing ill fitting pants.

The Sins of Wearing Ill-fitting Pants

imageplaceholder Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

Did you ever read Dante's Inferno? Remember the circles of Hell, there were nine. My journey prior to Pant Salvation can be summed up in Dante's nine circles.

Circle One (Limbo)

Do I even take this on? Sewing pants is so hard! Lots of whining can be heard at this level.

Second Circle (Lust)

 Man, I love those pants (insert famous person) has on! I must have those! I wonder where she bought them?

 Third Circle (Gluttony)

Oh, dear I ate too much and all I fit into is my 'cookie dough pants'. (Named such because it is the sweat pants that are worn when feeling exceptionally gluttonous, like when eating cookie dough right out of the tube on a Tuesday.)

Fourth Circle (Greed)

I heard that these 290.00 jeans will make my butt look fantastic! I'll take three please!

Fifth Circle (Anger)

Darn it! These jeans are made so cheaply they're falling apart, and they are not that comfortable. And, now they have droppy butt.

Sixth Circle (Heresy)

Do these pants make my butt look flat?

Seventh Circle (Violence)

That's it! I'm burning all my pants!!

Eighth Circle (Fraud)

These pants do not make may butt look flat.

Ninth Circle (Treachery)

Oh, great now I've become (insert pregnant, menopausal, fat/skinny etc.).

After the Ninth Circle that was about the time I decided to really tackle sewing pants for myself that fit like a dream and in almost any style that suits me. It really is a liberating feeling.

How about you? What's your story with sewing pants or any garment? What are your personal circles of pant sewing hell or heaven. Let me know on the blog!


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