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Easy shorts is just a leg away from pants!




If you are gearing up for spring and summer sewing, an super easy project is sewing shorts. I am in the process of making a pair of lounge around shorts as well as testing a pant pattern. Efficient sewing at its best. This fabric is a voile from Amy Butler. It's soft and I love the print. These shorts are not really for wearing out in public, but more to wear for sleep or just lounging around.

The only alteration that I did for these pants was to alter the rise. I think on the next pair which will be made in a rayon or silky type fabric will be to raise the waist line and make the pant leg a bit wider for some serious, swishy summer pants. I also might put in a little bit more ease in the hip area. But, even if I didn't do any of these next alterations the test garment came out wearable and cute!

(Full disclosure: I haven't hemmed them, and no I won't be posting a pic of me in them. My winter white skin would be too shocking for the public).

If you are looking for an easy way to ease into pant making, lounge shorts is the ticket to pant making happiness. Elastic waist shorts are far more forgiving to construct than trousers, jeans and close fitting pants of any kind. 

If you are at all curious about making pants start off with some easy breezy elastic waist shorts. You'll be so glad you did! Then get ready because you will be addicted to making pants. 

For a great introduction to sewing lounge shorts check out Caroline Hulse's video and then off to the fabric store for fabulous fabric!


Let me know what your questions are on the blog about pant and short making, maybe I can help!

Happy Sewing!


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