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Sisterhood of Sewing Pants

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I participated in an all day sew day in April. This is a day where one can sew from 9am-9pm on a Saturday. I am able to get a lot done on those days. I approach this day like going into battle.

I’m very organized and have my list created and items packed for what I want to accomplish. Certain tasks can be almost impossible to do during the work week, especially if you don’t have a dedicated space for your sewing. What I do on these days is those laborious tasks, like cutting out and fitting. On this Saturday I cut out and fit 3 pairs of pants (among other things). Two of the pants were pull on, elastic waist pants, fabric is silk, but still they’re pants!

If you’ve read these newsletters you know I love making pants. I was talking to some members of the sewing group I manage and discussing how and why sewing pants can be, well a pain in the butt.

First off, you have 3 dimensions that you are working with. You have length, depth and width all working for you or against you as it is in so many cases. The other crazy thing unlike any other part of your body is that if you make one adjustment to an area it can very well positively or negatively affect the out come in another area.

I am by no means an expert on pant fitting, but I am becoming very experienced in MY OWN pant fitting. I know my body better now and what works.

My silk pants above turned out great. Love the fabric and it feels like I’m wearing a cloud, so comfortable. One pair is cropped. The blue pants I actually having a hard time matching those colors. For now it’s a nice white tee.

I’ve recommended it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to start making pants start with easy pull on pants. There are patterns for every fabric and style you could ever image. No zippers, usually no darts, maybe pockets but you can always eliminate them. Super easy. Please give it a try.

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