Mom’s Day Gift To Sew (or keep for yourself)

Mother’s Day is coming up. Do you make brunch reservations and take your mom out for some whining, I mean wining and dining? Have you ever made gifts for you mom on this day, beyond the arts and crafts you did as a kid. Large Tote Bag Pattern

In this month’s issue of Sew News we have great projects that are perfect for Mom’s Day.

My favorite is the extra large and roomy tote bag. In our edition, expertly made and designed by Kim Saba, it has leather handles and straps.

Large Tote Bag Sewing Pattern

Combined with a sturdy canvas cloth this bag will handle all sorts of strum und drang. Plus, it has a large wide opening, so you’ll see everything in there.


You can download the pattern now and find all the directions in the latest issue. Get to sewing. Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 8th!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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