Machine Embroidery Designs

Many basic sewing machines have decorative stitches that can be used in a variety of fun and interesting ways. If you own an embroidery machine you have even more opportunities to embellish unique clothing, quilts and crafts. Find inspiration on ways in which you can use your built in decorative stitches or your embroidery machine.


Stitch It Up with Machine Embroidery

Cat Pillow by Eva Hanusova.  Reverse Appliqué Pillow by Kevin Kosbab.     Spiral Skirt by Beki Wilson. Designing With Thread Thread can be used as a design element to add texture and graphic dimension to a project. I love playing with thread embellishment because it's a fast and fun way to personalize a project. Sometimes…


Create Design Details with Easy Free-Motion Embroidery Techniques

Sew Graphic Design inspiration comes from everywhere, and one place I constantly find design ideas is in graphic design. I'm obsessed with creative typography and love to incorporate letters and numbers into my sewing projects with embroidery, stamping, fabric prints featuring type, appliqué, and more. Even if you can't read what it says, just the…