Sew a Kimono For a Quick Wardrobe Update

You all know that I'm gaga for skirts, (check out my post here on skirts) and I also go nuts for kimonos. Last year I took part in a kimono sewing night. Members all brought their kimono sewing patterns, fabric, machines and so on and we stitched up some fantastic kimonos.  So, why kimonos? Well, as I think about it, I'm noticing a trend in my sewing. I love to sew things that are classic, simple in style and realistically fast to construct. Unfortunately, I cannot make a living sewing things for myself at my leisure. Believe me I've tried cajoling anyone to pay me just to hang out in my sewing studio and sew for fun but no one has yet to give me a paycheck to do so. Until that time comes I notice I tend to pick garments that are quick and easy but bring a punch to my wardrobe. Enter the lovely kimono!

My easy version of a kimono jacket

A version that I'd like to make my mom

Beautiful kimono from the Montgomery Collection of Japanese Folk Art

What makes the kimono so easy to make? Well, for one you don't have set-in-sleeves. Set-in-sleeves can be a bugger to insert pucker free. Most kimono patterns are basically rectangles and so easy to sew. A kimono can be made in practically any fabric. High on the easy scale is cotton. Pick a cotton voile, something along the Liberty line or Amy Butler for an absolute light as air feel. Wear it spring and summer to work. Kimonos don't have to be used only in the bedroom/bathroom. 

If you are more advanced in your sewing pick satin, silk or a silky. I made one in a black rayon with a lovely floral print (happens to match my elastic waist skirt I made). And, I love wearing it with skinny jeans and a white tee.

 Caroline Hulse can show you how easy it is to make a stylish kimono, perfect for summer nights or a dressy occasions. Either way kimonos will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

Do you like sewing kimonos? What type is your favorite? Do let me know in the comments section!







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