Sewing Gifts for the Holidays Too Soon to Start?

I saw a giant display of Halloween candy at the grocery store the other day, and it gave me pause. Halloween candy? Already?? My next thought was what comes quickly on the heels of All Hallows' Eve—the holiday season—and how it might be wise to start sewing gifts.

Potholders are on my holiday 
gift list. (Swirl Potholders by
Jacquie Gering, Stitch Gifts 2012)

A good number of years ago, I was inspired to make lap quilts for my mother, father, and sister for Christmas. I don't think the idea hit me until sometime in November, so the weeks leading up to the holiday were filled with a flurry of cutting, piecing, and quilting.

I finished all three lap quilts in time to give as gifts. But I remember thinking it would have been nice if I'd started the projects in say, summer, or early fall, giving me more, and less frenzied, time to sew. (Though, there is something to be said for the adrenaline of a nearing deadline!)

Here it is, almost mid-September. Where I live in Massachusetts, there's an autumnal crispness to the air, and an extra blanket is needed on the bed. Last night, the wonderful smell of wood stove smoke whispered through my neighborhood.

I'm going to take fall's cues as motivation to start my holiday homemade gift list. My first ideas are to make a potholder or two for a friend using fabric she brought me from a trip, and something cute and cuddly for my toddler niece.

Maybe—just maybe—I'll be able to finish sewing a few gifts before the rush of the holiday season sets in.

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What about you? Have you started sewing gifts for the holidays? Or do you prefer to wait until the holiday season is upon us? I can't wait to hear. 

Happy stitching! 

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