Planning ahead: Making a list for holiday sewing ideas & gifts

To early for Christmas sewing?


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To be honest I love the idea of making napkins but I just haven't gotten around to it, which is a familiar theme for me – So many darn projects and not enough time! Napkins though, would be an adorable gift for a house warming or for someone who recently redecorated a kitchen or the like. I'm always on the hunt for quick sewing ideas I think napkins is one of those, I mean it's just straight lines!

Which brings me to my topic for today: Christmas in July (or June etc). Ugh, hate thinking about it, but this year I really want to make more things for the holiday gift giving and napkins and place mats would be so perfect!

As you may know (or not) I run a sewing group called the Denver Sewing Collective (off hours of course). It's an awesome group of women and men and, really it's more like a sewing support group than anything. Sometimes we lug our machines to sew and then we end up chatting the entire night away. Anyway, this year I want to schedule a meetup that is all about sewing holiday gifts and napkins, place mats and easy projects like napkins and place mats are on the list. Of course now I need to get the fabric….

Do you sew a lot of gifts for the holidays? If so would you have any advice for me on planning my meetup? I'm thinking July, but any time would work except not October or November. Too much going on in those months. Anyway your advice is appreciated!

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8 thoughts on “Planning ahead: Making a list for holiday sewing ideas & gifts

  1. I’d love to sew way more for the holidays than I do. My problem is timing, I always get started way way too late (story of my life, really). Napkins are a great idea, thanks! And Jill thanks for your honesty. It’s been nice to read that there are others strugling with same problems as me, like cluttered sewing space, unfinished projects and too many great ideas.

  2. I find pillowcases make fun gifts, especially for kids. Find out what their favorite subject is (at the moment) and find fabric to go along with it. Adults like them also.

  3. My advice – pick a “thing” as this year’s gift, and then make a bunch of them assembly line-style. Or at least groups of them at a time. Sometimes I will try one to see where the hard parts are, but then I cut out at least 3-5 at a time, and then sew them all, turn them all, top stitch them all, etc. Basically stop/repeat any time you need to move to another table or change machine settings.

    In the past I have made cooling neck wraps, microwave bowls, coffee cozies, and Noodlehead’s “open wide” pouches, among others. The circle napkins that fold up like a Christmas tree are also really cute – and if you sew a seam where the fold should go, people will be able to figure it out!

  4. Sewami,

    My friend makes pillow cases every year for family. It is a cute idea, especially if you use fabric that matches their hobby or interest.

    Add that to my list.

  5. DonnaH you’ve obviously have been doing this awhile and now your stuff. These are great ideas. I should create a pinterest board and keep track of all these ideas.

    Or maybe just a note pad and pencil.