Ornament Party Follow-Up: See This Step-by-Step Video on Fox Ornament

Last week, I had an ornament-making party with some "I don't sew!" friends, and we created The Fox Says Brr ornament from Stitch Modern Holidays. I blogged about the party and about how quickly they got into the project, staying and sewing until the wee hours

What focus!


The cockeyed fox!

Well, I also shot a lot of photographs, and I will say one thing: I will never be hostess, sewing teacher, and potographer at one time again. I have three words: Delegate, delegate, delegate.

That said, it was tons of fun and I highly recommend having one yourself. We made this step-by-step video to show how it's done. Take a look, and maybe you'll be inspired to have your own ornament party. Here are my suggestions:

  • Make it potluck and enlist friends to help with set up and clean up. There's always someone who is happy to hang in the kitchen and handle food and beverage.
  • Assign another friend to do the videography and pictures. You will want a record of this, but the sewing expert needs to focus on being the expert.
  • Have a sewing buddy there so that you aren't the only experienced sewist, and ask the buddy to bring a machine. Two is better than one.
  • Make several copies of the pattern and instructions, and have multiples of supplies like scissors, thread, and needles. (I didn't have enough embroidery needles!)
  • Get your Holiday Ornament Bundle from the Sew Daily Shop for lots of project options!
  • After the party, collapse, and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

It was such a hit that I am having an ornament party redux on tomorrow. They just can't get enough of this sewing stuff!

Are you going to have or have you had a holiday crafting party? Do tell!

Happy stitching!

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