Mom's The Word When It Comes to Sewing

Happy Mother's Day, Sew Daily-ers! This year, I'm so lucky to spend Mother's Day with my mom, who lives back in my home state of Texas. I talk about my mom a lot on this blog. She's the original sewist. My inspiration and motivation comes from her and all of the wonderful things she put together for me growing up.

I do feel bad that I didn't stick with sewing more growing up when she tried to teach me. If only I'd known then that someday we'd live 2,000 miles apart and wouldn't be able to spend as much time together, I'd have had more persistence. Because when your mom is trying to teach you to sew, she's really just trying to spend time with you and forge a shared, lifelong bond.


The May Rag Doll Sewing Kit, available in the Sew Daily Shop.


If I could turn back time, my mom and I would sew the My Rag Doll Kit together. The eBook by Connie Crasbercu now comes with a step-by-step video by Emily Levey, and with the materials to create a rag doll together. With her cute little pigtails and plush limbs, this doll's simplicity is charming and precious.



To the maker of waffles, braider of hair, and sewist of my favorite dresses (especially the one made from Flintstones fabric), here's to you today, Mom, and to moms everywhere!




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