Do You Like to Sew While You are on Vacation?

Every Labor Day week, my husband and I head to the Pennsylvania mountains with dogs, cat, and boat in tow to spend our annual idyllic summer vacation at the lake. But that's not all we bring. For that week I also always pack my sewing machine, supplies, and some particularly recalcitrant projects, and I fantasize about getting that sewing done that has eluded me all year.

My dog Sunny has a pensive fetching moment.

This year I have some long sleeve T-shirts from some beautiful bamboo knit fabric that I cut out years ago but never made. And of course, I have the couple of skirts that I intend to make for wear at the Quilting Live event in Atlanta next week. It's a great plan that almost always goes awry.

Once I actually get to my vacation, I am more likely to spend my mornings sipping coffee with my husband on the dock and watching the dogs splash among the reeds, doing their retrieving thing. After such a hectic summer at work, it's such a pleasure to just take a deep breath and relax. Time is upside down in magazine world and summer is the time that we are producing all those holiday magazines.

But each night, I determinedly take baby steps toward my vacation sewing goal. It may just be transferring pattern markings or stitching one seam before I fall into a dreamless slumber, but it's progress.

If your very determined late summer sewing plans include making holiday gifts, check out the Quilting Arts Holiday special issue in the Sew Daily Shop. It's packed with truly unique projects.

What projects are you working on these days? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!

P.S. To push your handmade and embellishment skills to the next level on your next vacation, try taking classes at a live event, such as the seminars RNK Distributing presents across the country.







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10 thoughts on “Do You Like to Sew While You are on Vacation?

  1. I take sewing vacations. I like to shut off the phone, turn on some calming music, then take out a project that I have wanted to work on. i don’t set any time limits. i just let the creativity flow. It feels good to see progress and to complete a project. Once a project is complete, then I can work on UFO’s. There was one vacation where I completed 20 projects in one week.
    Thank you,
    Cheryl Z.

  2. My sister and I take our sewing machines in long-weekend trips two or three times a year. We usually sew patchwork quilt tops, or at least get a good start on them. I’ve sewn several baby quilts on these trips. One of our favorite weekend “studios” is a cabin with a large sun porch overlooking a lake.

  3. I love to take vacation to sew in a different environment. Right now I am finishing a quilt (doing quilting on my machine. And, next week I will take a break from it and make 24 fuchsia, chiffon scarves for the ladies of my church in celebration of our upcoming Women’s Day celebration.

  4. I’m up-cycling my 1976 Gunne Sax prom dress into a peasant top. I have a lot of fabric, lace, and trim to work with.

    Many people don’t remember that they dreamed at all, much less the dreams themselves. If you truly do not dream, then you are not getting REM sleep. You may want to check with your doctor for an EEG to make sure you’re getting enough REM and Delta sleep. You may not be feeling as good as you can and don’t even realize it! Sorry for the digression.

    Back to sewing: I’m thinking something BoHo and fun. I want to take full advantage of what I’ve got. If I send photos can I get ideas to make a McCalls pattern my very own?

  5. Always take some stitching on vacation or it wouldn’t be vacation…’cause you
    always should do things you like on vacation ! Took some embroidery on an
    Alaskan cruise once…my hubby thought I was crazy. Told him it was the height
    of luxury to sit on deck and stitch …had to do it just once!

  6. Newly retired, this will be the first year to spend a longer time in Florida. My sewing machine repair-guy sold me a gorgeous Featherweight at a reasonable price. I’ve been mapping out the UFO’s and other projects I can fit into a small suitcase with my new “baby”. Half the pleasure is in the planning!

  7. Yes I love to sew while on fact, when I go anywhere more than two days I cannot stand being without my makes me crazy. I need to sew whenever I’s so relaxing..everytime I go to my inlaws..I take my machine. I love to watch movies and sew..I feel like I’m being very creative while joining in with family time.

  8. Yes, I brought some sewing along on a camping trip this summer, it’s a great thing to do if you have some down time, like if it rains, or you’re waiting for the float trip shuttle, or you just want to sit around the campfire for awhile…

  9. Yes, I brought some sewing along on a camping trip this summer, it’s a great thing to do if you have some down time, like if it rains, or you’re waiting for the float trip shuttle, or you just want to sit around the campfire for awhile…