A New Year of Sewing

At the start of every year I make a list of sewing resolutions-things I want to make, techniques I want to try, and half-finished projects I want to complete by year's end. For 2011, one of my key goals is to take my technique skills to the next level focusing on professional finishing, patternmaking, and embellishment techniques. Ambitious I know, but I like a challenge!

Easy-Fit Babydoll Dress by Jil Cappuccio.

Dimensional Flower Handbag by Carol Zentgraf.

Fabric Nesting Bowls by Kevin Kosbab.

So this inspired the theme for the winter/spring issue of Stitch, all about learning and experimenting with techniques. Great technique can elevate any project from homemade to professionally handcrafted. From taking those extra steps to properly finish a hem or add cool handstitching to learning how to successfully sew tricky fabrics, broadening your technique repertoire opens up so many exciting creative possibilities.


Here are some issue highlights:

  • If you learn best by technique tutorials, check out our Top 10 feature on the top ten sewing challenges and how to meet them head on with confidence. From setting in a sleeve to installing an invisible zipper, we'll show you how to master these tricky techniques with step-by-step instructions and illustrations.
  • On the fabric side, we have a workshop on sewing knits, titled Knit Knowledge, with all the tips and techniques you need to know for sewing this finicky group of fabrics. And since the best way to learn is by doing, you'll find seven great knit projects that will make you pull out your jersey fabric and get started.
  • Want to play with appliqué? Then you will love our project story on the The Art of Appliqué featuring fourteen projects from retro and kitschy to stylish and modern that show what you can do with this versatile technique. If you are new to appliqué, simply check out our appliqué technique primer that shows you how to master this fun technique.
  • Another technique challenge we had fun with is creatively using closures. In our section called Get Closure, you'll find fun projects that use zippers, buttons, and ties in really clever ways.
  • If patchwork and fabric piecing is your thing, then check out our project story, Piece by Piece, featuring improvisational pieced projects with strong graphic appeal.

And by popular demand, we've started adding more refashioned projects to Stitch so you can freshen up something you already own or dress up a store-bought item. So look for our Refashioned/Remixed icon on projects that will save you money and time. We all need more of that!


With 40 projects in this issue, there is so much to choose from that it will keep you busy making cool stuff while learning fun techniques for quite a while. And if you need some inspiration for making your own resolutions for 2011, see what Stitch designers and staff have on their to-do list for the year in our "Sewing Resolutions" article. It definitely got me inspired to try some new things.


Here's to a new year of fearless sewing!



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