Managing Your Holiday Sewing To-Do List

Fall is the perfect time to slow down before the madness of Black Friday and the holiday rush. November is when I crave my favorite warm comfort food. Recipes like chicken pot pie, sausage, and potatoes and cream-based soups are some of my must-haves. Like clockwork, cooler temps mean it's time to start knitting again, and work on my quilt. Ah, yes, my quilt.

Modern Patchwork 2015


Have you read the book Like Water For Chocolate? Remember the character Tita, who starts knitting and knitting until her shawl is the length of a football field? Well, that's what my quilt is turning into. I've been working on it for five years now, and I keep adding and changing it, never really knowing when to stop. I'll see a new design, or someone will come in and show me some cool quilt, and I think about how beautiful that would look. Work offers no help in the completion of this quilt.

I don't know of any other hobby that has more distractions than sewing. If I walk into a fabric store, I've just added two more projects to my pile. Pinterest is no help either in controlling my sewing to-do list. Now the Winter 2015 edition of Modern Patchwork is on my desk, and I see my quilt will not be done any time soon! The good news is that I think I have all of my handmade sewing project ideas for this year. Modern Patchwork Winter 2015 not only has beautiful quilts to make, but adorable and quick gift projects as well.

When the holidays roll around, I don't mind that my sewing list grows. I think it's fun to sew for family and friends. Why spend time at the mall looking for Christmas gifts when you can cozy up with your sewing machine and be far from the maddening crowd? If you need ideas for holiday gifts to make, you'll find plenty of inspiration in Modern Patchwork Winter 2015.

How about you? Does your sewing list fall apart during the holidays? How do you keep on track during the year? Any tips? I would love to know!

Time to rewrite my sewing to-do list!







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2 thoughts on “Managing Your Holiday Sewing To-Do List

  1. Jill,

    I know just what you are saying. It is an Occupational Hazard. Everyone knows that Christmas comes at the almost end of December. We all say next year will be different. We will start creating in January, January turns into February…..Perhaps gifts are put away for the next year. HOWEVER………a birthday comes into play or a friend needs a pick me up. The gift place on hold is now held by a different person instead.

    What does make matters worse is Pinterest…………so many ideas and not enough time. As for the UFOs sitting in the basket. I have enough in there to start my own universe of you know……..the land of not completed. 42 more days, 43 if you count Christmas Even night. Ohh the trouble I can get into.

    Really enjoyed you comments. It put a huge smile on my face.