Are You in a Holiday Sewing Frenzy Yet?

I know that Halloween just passed, but seriously within 3 weeks now, it's going to be the holidays, and that 3 weeks will pass like the wind.

The little foxes: Together at last!


I felt my holiday frenzy a little earlier, because we produce our Modern Holiday magazine in July. However, the true frenzy came a little bit later, when the marketing and editorial teams were given a video challenge to develop a promotional video for a product.  That's when Whitney, who does the marketing for sewing, got her bright idea.

She called me up to suggest that I choose a project to make from Modern Holiday, and do step-by-step photos that would be transformed into a quick instructional and inspirational video for the magazine.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I trotted to Trumart Fabric on Seventh Avenue when I was in the city for a patternmaking class, and I picked up some felt to make the fox ornament from The Fox Says Brr ornament project by Stephanie Woodson in Modern Holiday.

I planned to do the ornament the next night, but my sewing time was pushed later and later, and by the time I got around to it, I was starting my sewing at 11 pm. Is this sounding holiday-familiar? I supposed that if I had been more alert, as in not almost asleep, and if I hadn't had to take the step-by-step pictures, I would have completed the project within a couple of hours. But I didn't wrap it up until 2 a.m., and at that point I was definitely having holiday déjà vu all over again.

And of course, Whitney was up until about the same time the next night, putting the finishing touches on the very adorable Modern Holiday video. Isn't that what the holiday frenzy is all about? 

Do what I say and not what I do! Don't wait until the last minute midnight to make your holiday gifts! And I promise that the best ever gifts to make are available with the newly released Modern Holiday patterns. You can find them in the Sew Daily Shop, including this adorable pattern for the super-easy Festive Dish Towel by Lynn Weglarz.

Are you able to plan your gift-making time in a calm and measured fashion? I would love to know.

Happy stitching!







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2 thoughts on “Are You in a Holiday Sewing Frenzy Yet?

  1. I start early because I love to do ornaments and we exchange them in my quilting guild. I love that fox and plan to make it for our exchange. If it goes well, I’ll do half a dozen or so and some owls from another publication for my family. I love homemade ornaments.
    Thanks so much for the fox!!