Free Embroidered Bird Bookmark Project

We’re continuing our national embroidery month celebration today with a super cute stitched bird bookmark designed by Aimee Davis for Sew It All, Vol 10, perfect for the book lover in your life. Grab these free bookmark sewing instructions and the free bird embroidery design below and make a bird bookmark today! (Love those cute mini embroidery hoops? We do too!)

 Book Mark Project

Fat quarter of cotton print
5″ square of white cotton fabric
Heavyweight sew-in interfacing
1½” mini wooden embroidery hoop 
2 jump rings: 7.0mm- & 5.0mm-diameter
2″ (50mm) ribbon crimp
Embroidery floss in a variety of colors
Pliers: standard & needle-nose jewelry
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Small screwdriver
Water-soluble embroidery transfer pen
Hand embroidery hoop
Hand embroidery design

From the fat quarter, cut two 2½”x10½” rectangles. Cut one 2½”x10½” rectangle from the sew-in interfacing.

Use ¼” seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

Position the two fabric strips right sides together over the interfacing strip; pin.

Stitch the perimeter, pivoting at the corners and leaving a 2″ opening for turning.

Clip the corners, and then turn right side out; press.

Topstitch the perimeter ¼” from the edge.

Trace the embroidery design at below onto the white cotton fabric using a water-soluble pen.

Hoop the fabric in the large embroidery hoop.

Using backstitch, stitch the bird body using two strands of blue floss.

Using one strand of black floss, stitch one long stitch with two short seed stitches for each leg and one seed stitch for the eye. For the top hat, use one strand to stitch four or five long stitches layered together for the brim. Then stitch the hat outline with three backstitches. Starting at the hat upper edge, stitch satin stitches
from one hat edge to the other until the hat is filled in.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 9.06.46 AMFor the beak, use one strand of orange floss and stitch two backstitches.

For the scarf, use two strands of pink floss and stitch
four or five long stitches from one edge of the bird’s neck to the other. For the ties, stitch two lazy daisies.

Remove the fabric from the large hoop. Rinse the fabric to remove the pen marks. Let dry; press.

Using the solid inner circle of the mini hoop as a guide, trim the fabric ½” beyond the embroidery.

Fit the outer hoop over the inner circle and embroidery design, making sure the bolt is at the upper-edge center. Using a small screwdriver, gently tighten the bolt, being careful not to over-tighten.

Hot glue the excess embroidery fabric to the inside of the solid inner circle.

Using standard pliers, squeeze the ribbon crimp to one of the short sides of the bookmark.

Using needle-nose jewelry pliers, open the smaller jump ring, attach it to the loop in the ribbon crimp and close it again securely.

Open the larger jump ring and loop it around the middle of the bolt in the mini hoop and the smaller jump ring; close the larger jump ring.

Simply click on the stitch diagram below, print it from your browser (with no sizing or auto-fit) and trace it to create your own stitched bookmark. This printed template should measure 1.25″ across to fit the mini hoop. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 9.00.09 AM

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