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Appliqué is a fun way to add a little extra pizzazz to a sewing project or to update an existing garment or home décor item. To get you started, here are a few commonly used techniques for preparing and attaching appliqué.

Raw-Edge Method

This appliqué method is quick and easy, resulting in a rawedge finish. It’s great for creating an organic and slightly frayed look with woven fabrics. It’s also a great method to use with felt, faux suede, and similar fabrics that don’t fray at cut edges.

Freezer-Paper (or Template-Plastic) and Starch Method

This method creates a neat turned-under edge for the appliqué. The starch gives a crisp edge that stays in place as you stitch the appliqué to the background fabric.

Needle-Turn Method

Requiring minimal preparation for a turned-under edge, this method starts with the appliqué edges left raw. You then turn the edges under as you stitch the appliqué in place.

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