Take A Sewing Cue From "Fifty Shades of Grey" This Valentine's Day


I am not one of the many women who read "Fifty Shades of Grey." Sure, I flipped through a couple pages out of curiosity when my friends tried to loan me their copies, but it just wasn't for me. I will give "Fifty Shades" one thing, though, and I pray you won't judge me (Sew Daily is a safe space, y'all!):

Retro Appliqué Necktie by Kevin Kosbab

There is something extremely intriguing about a men's necktie.

If you've seen the book cover, or the movie trailers, then you know that the necktie is kind of the unofficial mascot for "Fifty Shades." Yes, it's being used for rather odd … recreational purposes, but it also symbolizes a man who's suave, sophisticated, and confident. He's got everything together, and he wants you by his side. A man in a perfectly tailored suit topped with a beautiful, silky tie – try to tell me that isn't downright irresistible.

Ladies, it is not too late to make this Men's Custom Tie Sewing Pattern from the Sew Daily shop for your man for Valentine's Day! Stitch it up so he can wear it on an elegant Valentine's date (what y'all do with the tie beyond that is completely your business). 

While you're at it, sew something special for yourself for Cupid's day, too. The lingerie in our Make Your Own Lingerie Kit is gorgeous and indulgent, with both undergarments and loungewear. (I would seriously wear the lounge trousers to work if I could.) And heck, why should suiting be left only to the men? The Stitch With Style 2013 issue has a great necktie for the woman who also appreciates menswear.

Of course, giving gifts to cherished friends and loved ones is just as fun, too. If you're scrambling for last-minute gifts, these no-sew frames come together fast and are such a cute way to hold onto that warm and fuzzy feeling all year.

Tell me, are you a sucker for a man in a suit and tie like I am? Will you be sewing up gifts for all of your loved ones this Valentine's Day? Let me know!



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