My 5 Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

My sewing wardrobe is a mash-up of whims and passions. There really wasn't any planning involved. I know this because when I reorganized my closet last spring, I put all the garments that I had made in one spot. .

This knit dress is a real
wardrobe workhorse.

To my surprise, I had a good collection. And of course, I can't throw out anything I've made. I've made that mistake and lived to regret it.

However, from that mess a few gems have surfaced. If I could start all over again, and plan my sewing, as if I were planning a mini collection or a seasonal wardrobe, here is what I would keep and add:

1) One sexy knit dress: A good male friend once told me that knits are universally flattering on women of a certain age, and I have taken that advice to heart. I have a great knit dress that I pull out and wear every year. It was a snap to make and the charcoal blue color is a great neutral alternative to black.

2)  One little black dress: I have black wool crepe dress that I love that was from a pattern line I helped launch. First of all, wool crepe is among the best fabrics ever. And the dropped waist on this is just darling and timeless.

3) One black 4-ply silk kimono-style jacket: I made this jacket at a sewing retreat and it is a real workhorse. The drape of 4-ply silk is like nothing else, and it goes with everything from skinny jeans to an opera outfit.

4) One pair black wool crepe pants: I have a pair that I cut from a pants pattern from a draping class at FIT. They are perfectly balanced and I can wear the wool crepe in every season, except summer.

5) To the mix I would add, one white mock wrap long sleeve T-shirt: I have this cut out but haven't made it yet. I think I will need to do that soon!

If you have a yen for a great sewing wardrobe, check out this wonderful new book BurdaStyle Modern Sewing: Wardrobe Essentials.

Do you have some workhorses in your sewing wardrobe? I would love to know!

Happy sewing!

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4 thoughts on “My 5 Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

  1. I would add to the “must-have” workhorse list a Chanel-look jacket for spring, when it’s not yet warm enough to go without a wrap. Also, a collection of pashmina’s!

  2. You mention wool crepe pants. I have been researching what fabric to use for my “go to” office pants that won’t look as if I slept in them within an hour of dressing. I read that worsted wool would be the best for wrinkle resistance and all-season wear. Is wool crepe better. I cannot STAND all the “crotch level” wrinkles in my trousers. I have been using cotton/poly/spandex bottom weight. The wrinkling is horrible. I am also working on having a couple tunic length “sweatshirt” fabric tops that can work with skinnies and boots for a concert, but look equally good at the office. I love to iron, but I want to look fresh all day, so seem to find knit tops fit the bill.

  3. I forgot to add the knit “pencil” skirts. They can be rolled at the waist to wear over tights with a tunic, or at the knee with colored nylons and a blazer, or or or. They’re wonderful. I have a brown one, a black one, and a faux lace one in denim blue and gray.