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Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild


Tons of inspiration!

Easy to follow instructions

Do you have favorite garments that from so much 'love' could stand for a refashion or perhaps a little mending? Mend & Make Fabulous is the perfect book for taking favorite garments that need a little refreshing by repairing them with classic mending techniques. Learn how to repair holes and tears, fixed ripped or frayed seams. Find easy solutions to fading and removing stains and so much more.

With detailed, step-by-step instructions you'll learn key techniques that will only take your garment sewing to a whole new level. I love how the book is peppered through out with popular bloggers from around the web wearing garments that they sewed themselves, refashioned or have in their Etsy shops. Plus, no matter what your level of sewing is, this book is full of full-color inspiration.

Written by Denise Wild, the Creative Director for BurdaStyle this book is packed with not only timely advice on mending and keeping your garments looking in top shape but fashionable ways in which to do so.

Do yourself, the environment and your clothes a favor and check out Mend & Make Fabulous.









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