Do You Start Sewing More in the Fall?

There is some sort of sewing instinct that kicks in for me as soon as the weather turns a tad bit chillier. When that first breath of fall comes in (and in the Northeast, that's usually right after Labor Day), I am shopping in fabric stores and looking through my stash and patterns for some fall project to inspire me.

Summer is for fun in the sun, but come fall
I get serious about sewing again.

I have to make a concerted effort to fit sewing in these days, and in the late summer and early spring, I was doing a pretty good job of sewing each night for a little bit before turning in. (Gone are the days where I spend hours on end in my sewing room, and it's amazing how much I can accomplish by steadfastly sewing each night.)

But come summer, family events, travel, and work, got in the way and started eroding my sewing time. I don't think I picked up a needle and thread between late July and early September.

And then right on schedule, right after Labor Day, it started. I picked out two fabrics to make skirts, one of which you saw last Wednesday. I also suggested a fabric sewing challenge, and several responded. I am guessing that they have the fall sewing bug, too.

For lots of great projects from the Stitch archves to get your fall sewing going, check out the Modern Sewing Projects e-book in the Sew Daily Shop.

What is your favorite season to sew? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!





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