Spring Cleaning and Sewing Organization

Spring is in the air here in Massachusetts, where temperatures reached the 70s earlier this week. I love the smell of the warm air, seeing buds pop up from the ground, and watching the grass green up.

Fabric and in-progress projects, waiting for
a permanent home, and guarded by Izzy.  


With spring comes Easter! I can't believe Easter 2014 is Sunday. A little over a year ago, on Easter weekend 2013, my husband and I looked at our new (to us) house for the very first time before buying it. It's a fixer upper, and since last summer we've done a lot of work on it.

To make a master bedroom, we knocked down a wall between two smaller bedrooms. While we gained a large master, we lost two closets in the process. Our current project has been building a new closet in our master. My husband and a contractor friend framed it out, and installed a closet system.

When we moved in, my husband and I took over the closets in our guest room and office for our clothes. Now that we've moved into our master closet, I'm reveling in this new-found closet space in other parts of the house.

The closet won't be empty for long, though. I plan to organize my fabric into hanging shoe organizers I'm no longer using. I'm also contemplating adding a bookshelf or other storage solution to the closet for my sewing notions.

I'm excited to put everything in its place, and unpack all the bags of supplies and in-progress projects I have. I can't tell you how happy a little spring cleaning and fabric and sewing tool organization will make me, because then I'll be free to start new projects.

If you're looking for some new spring sewing projects, check out the Spring Critters Pattern Collection in the Sew Daily Shop. 

Do you have any spring cleaning or sewing organization projects in the works? I can't wait to hear. 

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5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Sewing Organization

  1. I have an antique armories that I use for my fabric storage. I just finished re-folding every piece of fabric in there. I doubled my storage space and can see every fabric. I used comic book boards for anything that is one yard or more. The new way to fold fabric is in triangles, that I have seen in stores and quilt shows. So what was less than a yard, I folded in triangles. Fat quarters I folded in the squares that we are used to seeing. I put the flat folded fabric in the back, standing up.The triangle folds are in front of those, and the fat quarters are in the bottom 2 drawers. All are sorted in colors. It took me a week but well worth the time. Now I will spend less time looking for what I need! It looks awesome, like having my own fabric store 🙂

  2. For me, keeping this room organized is a never-ending problem! A huge part of my situation is caused by my having to store the 4 sewing machines, fabric, notions, and other supplies that I use when I teach sewing at the 4-H Club. There just isn’t a graceful alternative to me keeping the machines, etc, myself. Also contributing to the clutter is the fact that my daughter and granddaughter moved in with us a couple of months ago and they both sew. So I also have their sewing machines, serger, and fabric stash in my room. We just all keep moving things around and laughing about it, so it’ll all be ok. In the meantime, though, I’m jealous of that empty floor space in your photo!

  3. Smetzer – yes, Izzy is a wire haired pointing griffon. I have two! They are the sweetest dogs. Flipflops – good ideas on sorting. I’m looking forward to sorting my new fabric in with my old fabric, by color.