Shooting the Robert Kaufman 30 Years Look Book was the Best Ever!

Pineapple Quilt by Anita Grossman Solomon

Joseph's Coat by Darlene Zimmerman

  Bartow by Caroln Friedlander

I will never forget the drive into Ipswich, Mass., on the New England coast where we shot Robert Kaufman's 30 Quilts for 30 Years look book. Art Director Larissa Davis had secured this incredible location in a private home that overlooked the saltwater tidal flats. The view just went on forever, and as I stood on then back deck, I wished that I could never leave.

While the tide slowly crept, in we worked to set up shots all over the landscape–in the yard, the barn, the house. The owner went surfing and came back to admire what we had created. With such gorgeous quilts and landscape, how could we fail?

You can see the incredible show of 30 Quilts for 30 Years in this digital look book. Enoy the view.



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