Redecorating My Living Room: Fabric Selection

Pillow Redux
Living Room Make Over – Before

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In an earlier post I had mentioned my green couch and how I'm decorating this spring with easy soft furnishings and home dec projects. The couch is more of blue-green and offers a lot of possibilities. Below you'll see my swatches that I've picked for pillows.

I also will be undertaking re-upholstering the dining chairs. I'm thinking a solid color and found a gorgeous collection at my local fabric store. A bit pricey so I may have to wait tell they go on sale!


Choice One

simply sewn 500

Choice Two


Choice Three

As you look at my selections you'll noticed the red/orange color in each. And, I love bright pops of color in my life. Don't you?

So far my plan is to change out the pillows to a bright springy fabric. I've got the two bigger pillows and then smaller pillows. I made all those pillows which are due for changing up.

There is a wall that I want to paint as well and if you noticed my scraggly plant that's another project. Poor guy.

Oh, and I want to get rid of an old purple chair and replace with something less old and worn too, or maybe recover it. So many possibilities. I'll take some more photos and post on Facebook. I'd love to know your ideas.

Do you like sewing home dec projects? What are you doing to spruce up your home? Do let me know on the blog!

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5 thoughts on “Redecorating My Living Room: Fabric Selection

  1. I would go with choice #3. Choice #1 is too old fashioned for the shape of the couch and choice #2 is too much like an ikat design which is popular now but might not be in 5 years.

    Diana Slater

  2. Your first choice has such a beautifully sophisticated color palette! I love sewing home dec. After I sew up Marimekko in my bedroom, I will have made curtains for every room of our house. I bought fabric recently to recover a simple loveseat that lives in my sewing room, too. I’m sure I will regret this decision at some point, but I have no deadline looming over me, so I will do my homework, get the right tools and enjoy the magical day when I no longer have an eyesore sitting in the corner of my creative space.

  3. I will on Monday supply a better pic of #3, Those are just swatches so it’s hard to see, but I bought a yard which is a much better sample size.

    It’s a lot more sweeter looking. The top one is definitely more modern, second one I’m not sure about.