Present Perfect by Betz White is Pretty Perfect

If you are a closet grammarian like myself, you would already be in love with Betz White's new book, Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestow. But there's already enough to love about Betz's sensibility, without the great title.

Betz has been on the leading edge of the modern sewing movement, and her stylish approach to sewing has led the charge in a whole new generation of beautiful and inspiring projects that look handmade, not homemade.

Part of what has always been behind this modern sewing movement has been the art of giving. Many modern sewists have roots in the community-driven quilting world, and they have brought that game, with its sharing and giving, to modern sewing. But it's so much easier to give a patchwork potholder than an entire quilt, right?

That same spirit of giving imbues Betz's book and her projects are pretty mouthwatering. From a darling cowl, to a sweet teddy bear to a cool travel case for your favorite guy, and more, you are sure to find several items perfect for whipping up for the holiday season. Even if you are not the giving kind, you might want to give this book to a friend who is, in the hopes that they will return the favor with one of these cute accessories (be sure to mark the pages with notes on what you like best!)

To get Present Perfect for yourself or someone else, visit the Sew Daily Shop.

Would you prefer to give or receive? Be honest! I would love to know.

Happy stitching!





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