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Cute wall organizer now in Stitch Spring 2015


Do you start thinking about your spring wardrobe during the chilly months of January and February? It's kind of maddening to start sewing warm weather clothes when the temperatures are near zero. As I think about adding more to my sewing plate. I realize that I have far too many projects left unfinished. As the weather and winter take a firm hold here I resolve to finish up these projects and get ready for spring.

In order to do that I'll need to organize my sewing room. Again. Boy, what a self-sabotaging trap that is. I know many seamstresses, professional and non-professional find keeping their sewing space organized and tidy is a constant battle.

One project can bring down an entire afternoon of organizing and cleaning. In the past I had all my fabric stored on a shelving unit and it was always a mess. Now, I've hung my fabric in a closet and folded the more delicate or heavier fabrics. I removed my closet doors and hung a curtain rod up which makes for a soft background. I like the hanging method for it allows me to see most everything quickly. So far it's working.

Now to fix the rest of the room. In addition, bought several bins that are the same size and this is where I store my notions and tools.

I try to tidy up after I'm done sewing, not just when I'm done with a project. I think this helps enormously. Also, my space is small so folding up the ironing table is a must or it becomes a magnet for EVERYTHING.

I think organizing and futzing is a constant thing we must do. I've not met many 'neat' sewers, most keep their sewing rooms looking like a fabric bomb went off. But, maintaining my space truly is a labor of love. No kidding. I wouldn't trade my crazy hobby for any other.

If you need help on getting organized be sure to pick up a copy of Stitch 2015. There is the most adorable sewing organizer that you can make to keep those items that you always use close at hand. I think one of my sewing friends should make one for ME! Or possibly two.

Please tell me how you stay organized in your sewing space. Plus, check the blog for photos of my crazy sewing room. I'm about to get started cleaning my room once again!







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  1. Purchased the magazine and fabric as a kit with the intention of making sewing organizer sewing machine quilt p26 of magazine. Instructions are supposed to be on p.90, not there. No pattern nor instructions for this in magazine. Another note said download p.90 instructions from this site, cannot find instructions. Please advise as I want to make this. Thank you