One Great Secret Home Décor Sewing Tip

I love discovering "secret" sewing tips–I could even be called a hoarder of them. When I find one, I savor it adoringly, like a treasured gem. But rather than scurrying off furtively to add to my stash, I want to tell everyone I know.

You can train your shade
to hang right!

Let newly shaped folds
hang for 1 to 2 days.

I firmly believe that one of the reasons that more people don't sew, outside of the fact that many items can be bought so cheaply, is that they don't know the tricks to getting good results. That's why I love to share these nuggets, because I also firmly believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone sewed. And there are few pleasures greater than creating a beautiful handmade object.

Recently, I received an amazing tip from Stitch contributor Marcia Van Oort. Marcia has designed some gorgeous projects for Stitch and worked in a drapery workroom. She has a great tip for "training" a Roman shade so that the fabric remembers how it should fold when drawn up.

To train a shade, you will need a buddy to slowly draw up the newly finished shade while you shape the gathers. Once you have the gathers manipulated to your liking, leave the shade drawn up for 24-48 hours to train the memory of the fabric. If you have a steamer, carefully steam the fabric to set the gathers, and when it's released you will see gentle gather lines.

Valances should also be worked with while they are hanging. Side panels, on the other hand, should be laid flat and then folded like an accordion across the width of the panel.

I just love the idea of training a window treatment! For more home décor sewing tips and sewing secrets, check out the Sew Daily Shop.

Do you have a home décor sewing secret? Do share!

 Happy stitching!


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2 thoughts on “One Great Secret Home Décor Sewing Tip

  1. My mother-in-law uses a long broom handle (sans broom) to train her long drapes. I get a kick out of her “persuading” her commercially-made drapes to fall correctly. I had never even thought of it, whether I made the drapes or bought them. Everything she does, though, makes her home beautiful. If I ever get drapes again, I will try to follow suit.