My Favorite Slipcover Sewing Tips from the New Stitch Workshop Video

What's not to love about a slipcover? I am always on the lookout for a smart tip or way to freshen up my furniture, and the new Stitch Workshop video on home decor items doesn't disappoint.

Learn secret tips for making the
Patchwork Cube Slipcover.

Stitch contributor Kevin Kosbab is the featured artist on the video, and Kevin always has some great trick up his sleeve, as he is fast becoming something of a home decor sewing guru. You may recall the slipcover project that will be in the video, as it graced the cover of Stitch Fall 2010–the Patchwork Cube Slipcover designed by Kevin.

Well, you learn how Kevin put this patchwork slipcover together in the new video. And while I was watching him during the taping, I learned a thing or two myself about creating a perfect patchwork cover.

First, Kevin goes against the usual quilting maxim of 1/4" seams on patchwork. He uses 1/2" seams instead, because home dec fabric has a tendency to ravel, and this gives space in the seam allowance to pink the edges with pinking shears. However, "for quilting fabric, I'd use the conventional 1/4" seam allowance," he advises.

After arranging patchwork pieces,
sew them in columns and rows.

Second, for each side of the cube, instead of stitching each patchwork piece individually to the next, he determines the arrangement and lines up the patchwork squares. Then he stitches the squares into threee vertical rows and next stitches the horizontal rows together . Press the seams in each row in opposing directions to eliminate bulk.

Third, he adds an extra 1/2" to the height of each patch on the bottom horizontal row to allow for hemming at the bottom of the cube.

Sew pieces vertically, then horizontally.

Simple, but brilliant! To learn more about how Kevin puts together the Patchwork Cube Slipcover and how to make tons of great pillows, pre-order Stitch Workshop Secrets of Home Decor Sewing video in the Sew Daily Shop.

Do you love slipcovers too? Share your best slipcover tips with us below.

Happy stitching!

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