Make a Quick and Cheerful Ottoman

This Forest Friends Ottoman by Berene Campbell is a companion to the Forest Friends Room Divider, also by Berene, that appeared in Stitch Winter 2013. It's happy, easy project that looks great stitched up in almost any fabric print and color: .


Designed by Berene Campbell



Top/Base: 5/8 yd printed home dec fabric, 40”

Side: 1/4 yd other decorative fabric, 40”


Coordinating cotton thread

Polyfill stuffing

Lightweight fusible interfacing   


18” diameter


– All seam allowances are ¼” 


1.     From the Top/Base fabric, cut :

a.     18 ¼ “ circle for the Top

b.     18 ¼ “ circle, subcut into two half circles for the Base

2.     From the Side fabric, cut one 8” x 29” rectangle

3.     From the fusible web, cut one 18 ¼” circle


4.     With right sides together, match the short ends of the Side rectangle and stitch. Press seams open. Turn inside out and topstitch ¼” line on either side of the seam.

5.     Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the Top piece.

6.     With right sides together, pin the raw edges of the Top circle along the raw edges of the Side piece. Stitch in place and clip curved seams.

7.     Fold the straight edge of the half circle Base in ¼” and press. Edgestitch in place. Repeat with the other Base piece.

8.     With right sides together, pin both half circle Base pieces along the straight edge, making sure to leave a 6” opening directly in the center. Starting at one corner, stitch a seam line about 6” long and then backstitch. Go to the opposing corner and repeat.

9.     With right sides together, pin the raw edges of the Base circle along the bottom raw edges of the Side piece. Stitch in place and clip curved seams.

10.  Stuff the completed ottoman to desired firmness.


Timeless Treasures, Matilda by Alice Kennedy, 

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2 thoughts on “Make a Quick and Cheerful Ottoman

  1. As a geometry teacher, I don’t think your pattern pieces are going to work out. 29 inches for the side piece will only go around half of your top or bottom. An 18 inch diameter circle would have about a 56 inch circumference. Also, is there no seam allowance on the straight side of the bottom half circles?

  2. beth.owen, I see what you mean about the side pattern piece.

    So you are saying it would need to be 8 x 56 not including the seam allowance, right?

    Maybe she meant to have the fabric folded while cut & left that part out by mistake?

    But I think it would be too long then because it would add up to 58 inches.

    In the notes it does state that all seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

    For me, I don’t know if that means to add that amount to the original measurements or to use that when sewing.

    I am still learning to use patterns & still have a hard time understanding directions.

    For the Finished Size it doesn’t state the height just the diameter, which I think is useful information as well but that’s okay because the side pattern piece is 8 x 29 inches so that tells me the height. The height could be altered anyways.

    It seems to be a pretty easy project. Maybe even put a zipper in the bottom seam for easier stuffing!

    Thank you, Amberstitch for relaying this project to us from Berene Campbell!