How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Easy decorating with pillows

How To Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

imageplaceholder Jill Case
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Do you like spring cleaning? I don't really care for it, there are a hundred other things I think I'd rather do.
I must say I do like the end result which is  a nice clean uncluttered home.

I am in the process of decluttering and I found this really great book that breaks it down into manageable chunks. Her process is to organize by category. I first organized all my books and I went through the entire house and edited and looked at every single book I own and acted accordingly (charity or keep). It takes a longer time but it really makes more sense to me.

This whole process is going to take me about 4 months if you can believe that. I've only completed a few categories but I can already feel a difference. For one, it's easier to put things away and the I feel less cranky because there is less stuff around.

What makes spring cleaning fun? For me after all the cleaning and decluttering is finished I am going to do a few easy home decorating projects. I want to paint a couple of walls in my house plus I want to switch up the pillows that I made on my green couch with something a bit springy and bright. I also want to switch up the curtains that are a bit too heavy and formal for spring and summer.

I love having splashes of red through out my house. This year there are so many wonderful home dec prints out, it's really going to be a challenge to pick fabrics. You'll see the pillow on my green couch. It's made from a vintage silk and velvet. I only had enough for a pillow but I love it. I think that will go away for awhile as I pick some different fabrics. I do love my green couch however, there are many possibilities that come with that color green.

So, that my friends is how you make spring cleaning fun. You plan beyond the cleaning and how you're going to decorate your newly cleaned space. Nothing inspires me more than a yard or two of fabric.

How about you? What are your favorite cleaning or decorating tips? Let me know on the blog!

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

  1. Right! The book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. You need to read it and grab what is important to you. Some of the concepts like talking to you clothing sound a bit weird but in the end you basically need to ask yourself “is this item bringing me joy, is it useful, or is it just becoming a chore to lug it around” etc. and then act accordingly by either holding on to it or giving it to a better home. Also, this is a translated version so she is writing to her Japanese audience so I try to tell people that some things she recommends might not work for you. Anyway, I really liked many of her concepts. And, hey it’s working for me!

  2. I like the ‘category’ method of purging. I did something similar when I reorganized my sewing room. I looked at fabrics that were old and horrible and got rid of them. I also categorized my fabrics. I had bought way to many fleece remnants. I had been making baby blankets but my grand-daughter is too old for those. I started making chemo turbans for my friends with cancer. A lot of the cotton fat quarters went to my oldest daughter for her business.
    I would also like to know what tne name of that book is.