Handmade is the Buzz Word in Home Dec

Lately it seems like whenever I am leafing through a catalog or browsing store aisles, I am struck more and more by how many handmade-look items are for sale. The trend has grown steadily over the past few years, and that pleases me. I know that if people are buying items for their handmade look, taking the next step to actually trying to make something is definitely a possibility.

I spotted these rag rug pillows at a store recently.

Some of my first sewing projects were home dec items. I think that we all have a natural urge to customize our spaces, and my urges were driven by my limited budget. But what I found in the end was that I could come up with something much nicer and more meaningful than I could ever buy in a store or hire someone else to do. (And I saved a pretty penny, too!)

Take the pillow, for instance. It's square or a rectangle at it's most basic. But from there, you can incorporate patchwork, add some embellishment with appliqué or embroidery, or trying a nice piping. And because pillows have two faces, you can get two pillows in one, too.

It's so nice to know that us sewist are right on trend and even ahead of the curve. I predict that the numbers of people who turn to sewing for creative outlet will only increase as more and more take up the needle and thread.

For plenty of modern home dec projects, including the fabulous kitchen set cover project, check out Stitch Fall 2014 in the Sew Daily Shop.

What sort of handmade touches do you like to put in your home? Do tell!

Happy stitching!

P.S. To push your handmade and embellishment skills to the next level, try taking classes at a live event, such as the seminars RNK Distributing presents across the country.





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10 thoughts on “Handmade is the Buzz Word in Home Dec

  1. My first home dec items were pillows and drapes. I made gorgeous Priscilla drapes that I loved! It was a lot of work (I had long windows to cover and lots of them) but well worth the effort. I also have done kitchen curtains and other home dec items. It’s a welcome change from garment sewing and the techniques are sometimes more challenging. It’s fun to be creative in an area that can be bland and boring.

  2. I like art that is personal, so I like to display things that I or someone else have made. We have a beautiful painting of dogs that my great grandmother painted in 1882. I have painted a few pictures and framed some special photos I took, and a wall clock I have repainted 3 times over the years. Also some beautiful paintings my daughters made in school. Some long wallhangings I did of evergreen trees painted on canvas and hung like banners.

    Tho my best art skill is sewing. So I have some quilted wall hangings I have made hanging up – a quilted heart theme, a fancy rooster, a crocheted doily framed on a quilt. An eggplant, a lemon. Now I am working on a rag quilt for our bed. I have also done pillowcases of special fabrics.

    I like my home to have art that means something special, and I especially like handmade art. Some of our other art was purchased at art fairs, hand made by artists. The few commercial art pieces we have compliment and are complimented by our handmade art.

  3. Oh, I forgot the assortment of throw pillows I made for my couch. And, since I have recently learned how to do crewel embroidery, I have 2 finished, and one half-way finished, projects ( a 50 year old kit by Erica Wilson of fish; one of owls; and one of a fantasy tree) that I will either frame or put on pillow fronts.

    I used to sew clothing almost exclusively, as well as dance and theater costumes. Also home dec. But now, I have moved on to other smaller and maybe more fun things. And no fitting involved – just measuring where needed.

  4. I just finished redoing my mud room. One of my favorites is the valance I made from metal wall art panels that used to hang on my wall. A little paint and trying something new is always fun.

  5. I just finished redoing my mud room. One of my favorite things is the valance I made from metal wall art that used to hang on my wall. It’s always fun to see how a room can change with paint and a few changes.

  6. I just finished redoing my mud room. One of my favorite things is the valance I made from metal wall art that used to hang on my wall. It’s always fun to see how a little paint and a few changes can change a room.

  7. In the past year I’ve made several heavy winter curtains (lined with bump) to help keep the chill out of my son’s 18/19th century home. For myself I’ve just finished Roman shades for my six living room windows and valances for my kitchen windows. Think I’ll start on throw pillows next.

  8. Window treatments! When we moved into our current house 3.5 years ago, I made all the window treatments. I either remade what was already hanging in the home (all had been custom made) and I just took it all apart and made it into a different style, or I bought fabrics and designed my own. I’ve even remade my kitchen curtains twice because we had the kitchen remodeled our second year in the home. All the rooms have unique window treatments, and when people visit they always comment about how beautiful they look. And it sure feels special for me.