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A kitschy table runner



Colorful and modern table runner

Easy quilted table runner

My usual hang out is the fabric store, any fabric store. My second favorite place is the home improvement store. The home improvement stores represent for me at least, creativity, activity and yes improvement. A lot like a fabric store. Around this time of year I get an itch to change things up in my home. Paint a wall, redo a room, get rid of things, and generally brighten things up a bit.  Recently, I found a pin on Pinterest (one I actually made!) to help in tidying up my closet. It's a belt rack of sorts. I bought a towel rack and shower curtain hoops then nailed it up near my closet. BAM! On to the next room!

In my home I have a rather old and charmless oak table. Currently, the table is stained with automotive paint (yes, there's a story there) gash marks and general abuse brought on by being placed right in the middle of an artistic life.

I want to refinish it, but at the moment I don't have time to do a full refinishing. The next best thing is to sew a pretty table cloth or two. Sewing tablecloths is not the most exciting project but table runners offer all sorts of creative possibilities such as:

  • Creative use of stash busting
  • Endless embellishment opportunities
  • Fast & easy project, can be completed in a couple of hours

The hardest part I suppose is picking which one to do and then of course there is the matter of fabric. Decisions, decisions. I do like the one in the latest Stitch Spring 2015 magazine. It's inspired by artist Rex Ray and, it would be just right for a fabric busting table runner. What styles of table runners do you like? Give me some suggestion for my next project and I'll keep you posted on my progress on our Facebook page.

If you would like to up the embellishment factor on table runners and other home décor check out the webinars from RNK Distributing. Explore all the new features of Floriani Total Control U and so much more. If you like to learn in person they have many on-site classes across the country check their website for times and locations. 


 Or if you have a question please let me know on the blog!

Happy Sewing!



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