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Getting Ready For The Big Garage Sale

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Online Editor, Sew Daily

Off hours I am spending my time getting ready for a huge, mega garage sale.  In my past life I was a mobile person, traveled from job to job and apartment to apartment sort of thing. Now, I'm stuck, I mean I've been living in the same place for while. And, when we do that we tend to accumulate things.

Before, all my possessions fit in a Honda Civic Hatchback. Now, more likely an 18 wheeler would be needed. Maybe two. Yes indeed, a garage sale is in order and what isn't sold will be hauled off to better place. However, I vow on my grandmother's sewing machine that I will not fill up my soon to be beautiful empty voids with stuff (except maybe a yard or two of fabric).

In anticipation of these beautiful empty spaces I have started to paint walls. Well, I didn't actually paint the wall but I did pick out the paint. And, above is the paint job that I did not do, but still greatly admire. However, this puts me in a dilemma, all the fabrics I picked out earlier (but haven't purchased thankfully) no longer work. Back to the fabric store I go. What a dilemma.

Spring and summer are a perfect time to spice up your home and garden. I hire out for that too, by the way. Love the garden but not the work. And, if you have a DIY bent then you can save a lot of money on decorating. Have you noticed how expensive pillows are?

Here are a few pallets for what I'm thinking of doing. These are quite muted so I would need to bring a few pops of color in choice areas. 


Two easiest ways to decorate a room or house are with paint and soft furnishings. Bonus: soft furnishings usually aren't complicated projects, making a pillow, easiest darn thing to do, next to a knit skirt. And, don't be afraid of curtains. Easy to sew tab curtains can really change up a room and pocket rod curtains are even easier. 

With that thought, my advice is unless you really need something custom and unusual, measure what you will need for fabric and then check that against what you can buy in store. Sometimes sewing curtains can cost a small fortune but the two styles I mentioned above are super easy to sew and inexpensive.

 My  curtains are most likely going to have to change too. Stay with me as I journey to a brightened up living space and soon to be de-clutterd too!

How do you redecorate or pretty-ify your home? Do you buy books and magazines, sewing kits, or just wing it and go impulsive like I did with my paint job and then decorate around it.

Let me know on the blog and let's get started decorating.

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