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Sewing for children is a great way to take a break from sewing more complicated adult garments and projects. Plus, when you sew for kids it's quite rewarding in all those hugs and smiles you receive after you've finished up. That's my favorite part. However, if I am anything I am a selfish sewer and truthfully,  I rarely sew for others, but when I do I must admit I enjoy it. I recently made a bunny from the Book Sew Fun: 20 Projects For The Whole Family and had more fun making that then I thought I should. I liked it so much, I'd like to make an entire bunny hutch full of them.

Sewing for kids. It's a good thing.

My bunny I made from Sew Fun!


Here are a few benefits for sewing for and with children

Your creativity expands.

Sewing easy crafts is relaxing.

No judging about fit or style!

This s a great way to show your passion to someone else.

You can create lasting memories.

Sewing = Love.


Do you like sewing for children? What do you like sewing best? I enjoy sewing stuffed animals and plushies. I love doing crafts around the kitchen table and making messes and beautiful creations.

Let me know what you like to create for others on the blog.


Happy sewing!


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2 thoughts on “Sewing For Children

  1. My granddaughters and I have made simple skirts for their 18 inch dolls out of strips of fabric. We also have made 4 patch blankets. The projects I pick need to have mostly straight sewing and a quick finish. They love operating the sewing machine! I started sewing with them on my lap about 5 years old . They always ask if they can sew when we get together!