Seven Bibs for Seven Babies, Take 2

Last week, I came clean as a beginning sewist, and thankfully, no one's told me to pack my bags and scram so I can finish the Springtime Bib by Heidi Boyd that I'm sewing from the Stitch Absolute Beginners eBook.

Stitch Absolute Beginners eBook

I was so full of joy and energy last week, talking about how motivated I feel this time around and how the curves on the bib weren't as intimidating as I thought, but then…

Bias tape. How I loathe thee. Two words I might hate more than "full price" or "sold out."

Let me tell you, sewing double fold bias tape to this bib has been so challenging that after my seventh try, I thought about going home and doing my taxes again just to prove I could accomplish something. Those handles have such tight curves, I question my mental capacity on the day I chose this bib project for myself.

One of our fabulous publication designers, Megan Sabourin, been sewing this bib, too. She's stayed one step ahead of me so that I can watch her sew, and she's supervised my own sewing, too. Megan is a "tough love" kind of supervisor. Every failed attempt at attaching the bias tape would elicit a big sigh and pout from me, hoping Megan would feel bad and swoop in and finish for me.

As you can see, that has not been the case.

If you look at only the right side of the bib, it's not so bad, is it?

I know I'm better for it, but the perfectionist side of me is dying right now. Cringing, writhing in pain, and dying. Again, I'm so thankful there are seven babies coming this year so I have six more opportunities to get this bib right. (Notice I said I'm "thankful" for these "opportunities," and not, "I'm dreading sewing this darn thing six more times!" I'm staying positive, y'all.)

Any advice when it comes to bias tape, binding, and curves? Let me know!



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2 thoughts on “Seven Bibs for Seven Babies, Take 2

  1. It’s really looks awesome! Go back and hand sew that bias binding down on the back side with a little invisible slip stitch (Rose can show you that!), and you will be amazed at the result. I like to stitch the bias binding to the main fabric on the front, with wrong sides together. Then I wrap the binding around to the other side, turn under and hand stitch. The wonder of bias binding is that it hugs those curves so beautifully.You will love the results, and I swear it takes less time and tears than machine stitching through all layers! I have never been able to do that by machine. 🙂