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My 20s were all about weddings. Going to weddings, being a bridesmaid in weddings, throwing bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and somehow finding the time to get married myself. My current decade is officially The Decade of the Baby. There are seven–yes, count 'em, seven–bundles of joy on the way this year alone. (None of them are mine, by the way. Seven babies for seven mothers. Sorry, Mom, I know you want a grandkid to spoil.)

This year also marks a new era in my life: The Era of the Sewing Machine.

Confession time, Sew Daily readers: I'm a beginning sewist (gasp!). I tried valiantly as a kid and teen and even college kid to sew like my mom, but I got too frustrated too easily and gave up when something didn't turn out perfectly. I'm a perfectionist. It is my gift, it is my curse, to quote one Peter Parker (you know him better as Spiderman). But, I'm older and (somewhat) wiser now, and I'm ready try again. My parents raised my brother and I to be resourceful, self-reliant makers and doers, and who is more resourceful than a sewist, I ask? Perhaps only Macgyver.

I never dared to shop off the registry for wedding gifts, but I'd like to welcome my friends' newborns to the world with a gift more personal than say, a diaper genie. Plus, babies are the perfect recipients of a beginning sewist's products. Anything looks cute and wonderful on a baby, and a baby won't care if something's uneven or you didn't use matching thread. They'll smile and drool on anything, God love them.

The Springtime Bibs by Heidi Boyd in our latest eBook, Stitch Absolute Beginners, has been such a great project for me. Yes, it's skill level is marked "beyond basic," but I'll let you in a little secret: When it comes to our project instructions, we don't care if you follow the spirit of the law instead of the letter of the law. Don't care for the appliqué on the Springtime Bib? Don't do it! It's OK, we promise! I'm making this project my own and working for my skills by eliminating the appliqué and using cotton instead of terry cloth for the bib backing. There's no warrant out for my arrest by the Sew Daily police, at least as far as I know…

What matters is that I'm learning to sew and enjoying it much more this time around. I'm motivated to keep going, and I want to share things that have meaning with the people I love.

Check out my progress!

It probably seems lame to show off the template printed out and taped together,
but I'm proud of every step!

I choose these prints from Leah Duncan's new collection, Morning Walk, for Art Gallery Fabrics.
They're inspired by Austin, Texas, where I went to school, so of course I had to use this fabric!

Sewn together in a straight line, gold star for me!

After I'd sewn the two rectangles together, I ran around the office waving it like a flag, not even kidding. It was like the British were coming all over again. Sewing these curves turned out to be less stressful than I anticipated, too. What can I say? I'm woman who's learned to live with curves.

The best advice I've received so far came from the lovely Rose DeBoer, former Stitch editor and current Quilting Arts editor. Rose says to sew everything twice since the first time around, you're troubleshooting and testing things out. Sewing something a second time lets you enjoy the experience with less obstacles or weird encounters. Thanks to my friends, I get to make this bib six more times! I just know that by the seventh bib, I'll be sewing with terry cloth and using appliqué, no sweat!

I'm about to tackle the bias tape binding, y'all, so I'd love to know your best nuggets of sewing wisdom. I need all of the tips I can get! It takes a village to raise a child, so it's going to take the whole Sew Daily village to raise this sewist. Thanks for joining me on this new path! Stay tuned for the finished and bound bib next week, and grab Stitch Absolute Beginners from the Sew Daily shop to sew with me!



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