FREE Children’s Pattern + Little Details in Children’s Clothing

By the time I've put in a zipper, carefully sewn some buttonholes, and stitched the hem in place, I'm usually ready to wave the iron over the project and move on to something new. (Or more realistically, move on to another somewhat-started, halfway-through, or nearly almost-done item that is folded on the other end of my cutting table.)

Lately, however, I've taken time after the majority of the sewing is done to think about what little detail would add a touch of delight. Usually it is a small button, bead, or embroidery stitch that takes a garment from "finished" to "Finished!"

To me, this is most successful when the embellishment is understated—a tiny element that might even take the recipient a moment to notice.

To illustrate these little touches, here is an example from a recent project:

On a simple linen gauze sundress for a four-year-old friend, I had planned from the beginning to use a fancy button with a crystal center. (What little girl wouldn't love a little glam?) The "Finished!" moment came when I took a second button and stitched it to the front with a small, pewter, heart-shaped charm. It was like adding instant jewelry.

Adding a small pewter charm to a button
is instant jewelry for a little girl's dress.
The back closure uses the same
button—functional and special.

I encourage you to step back from your finished projects, and think about what tiny detail will make them "Finished!"

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Free beanbag pattern!


FREE from Stitch Summer 2012: To celebrate the inner child in you, download this Scrappy Starfish Beanbags project by Stitch editor Amber Eden. For some silly fun in the sun, play catch, or ring toss with these colorful patchwork starfish beanbags—or even line up your beach pails for a friendly game of beanbag buckets.

Do you have details you love to add to your chidren's sewing projects? Let us know here in the comments!

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Happy stitching!

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