For Children & Baby

Make one-of-a-kind sewn items for those special children in your life. Get tips on fit, fabrics, design and adding embellishments to your favorite children’s sewing patterns. From children’s clothing and accessories, to baby blankets, and cherished toys, begin exploring the endless possibilities of sewing for kids today.


Seven Bibs for Seven Babies, Take 2

Last week, I came clean as a beginning sewist, and thankfully, no one's told me to pack my bags and scram so I can finish the Springtime Bib by Heidi Boyd that I'm sewing from the Stitch Absolute Beginners eBook. Stitch Absolute Beginners eBook I was so full of joy and energy last week, talking…


Seven Beginners Bibs For Seven Babies

Stitch Absolute Beginners eBook My 20s were all about weddings. Going to weddings, being a bridesmaid in weddings, throwing bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and somehow finding the time to get married myself. My current decade is officially The Decade of the Baby. There are seven–yes, count 'em, seven–bundles of joy on the way this…


Sewing For Children

Sewing for children is a great way to take a break from sewing more complicated adult garments and projects. Plus, when you sew for kids it's quite rewarding in all those hugs and smiles you receive after you've finished up. That's my favorite part. However, if I am anything I am a selfish sewer and…


Bring Low-Tech Fun Into Child's Play

Growing up my family had a cabin in the mountains that (still) has no electricity, only cold running water and an outhouse. It is very rustic to say the least. Both of my parents were teachers which meant that the family would spend 3 entire months up in the middle of nowhere with no television,…