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Easy Sew Gifts For The Holidays

imageplaceholder Jill Case
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I'm one of those people that really don't like thinking, shopping or planning for the holidays until at the very latest Thanksgiving.  And, to be honest, I'm usually getting it all done about a day or two before the big day.

"But, this year will be different!" My alter ego says loudly and with great enthusiasm.

As you may know I run a sewing group on my off hours and this year I am planning to have a ornament, easy holiday gift sew night in November. Other members may decide they don't want to participate but really the scheduling is to force me to get my stuff together. If you know what I mean by 'stuff'. 

Last year I saw all these great projects come on my desk and online. I thought I bookmarked and/or saved them but now I can't find them. So, I need you help! Tell me great projects to sew for others. All they need to be is quick. No way I'll be able to get a quilt done unless I start today. Which I won't.  

Let me know what you come up with on the blog or on the Sew Daily Facebook page. And, for all your great suggestions I will pick 3 people to win a really great prize pack.

Let me know on the blog!

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I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

45 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Favorite Easy Sew Gifts To Make

  1. I have been really enjoying making patchwork style scarves. I sew medium to large pieces of lightweight fabrics together, mixing textures and patterns, cut out two pieces to length and width I want, sew together adding a fun edging- and I have a unique scarf or belt wrap. Friends love them!

  2. This may be one of yours. I just saw it on Facebook. Make a fabric cowl out of one yard of fabric. I purchased some batiks yesterday and plan to make a few. Just split the yard into two 18 inch pieces. Seam together with a flat feld seam. Hem long edges. Do a double twist and attach the ends with another flat feld seam.

  3. I am always complimented on my quilted tote bags for groceries, fabric purchases, crochet projects, etc.
    I use 1 yard of double sided quilted fabric, create a tote (sometimes adding a secret pocket inside for keys, license, etc so I do not have to carry my purse) and use webbed strapping for the handles and around the top for strength. I make the straps long enough to go over my shoulder.
    If made from denim or other heavy type fabric that does not need lining, men will then also use these totes.
    Bonus: When my daughter was up visiting before heading off on a family camping trip, she borrowed one, yet felt bad when she realized that the bagger did not put the meat in a plastic bag. I told her no worries, toss in the wash, and the mess was removed.

  4. I enjoy making personalized sewn composition notebook covers – you can mix and match fabrics to make it perfect for that special someone, plus they can reuse the cover when finished with the notebook, voodoo doll pincushions, pocket scarves (fleece is really easy and cozy!), credit card holders – small enough to slip in the back pocket if you don’t want your whole purse, on the other side, small purse or bag made with old denim and a cute lining and fringe- i like making these, you can add candy, soaps, or small additional presents inside! Wrist/leg warmers with a soft, warm fabric and pretty lace and button embellishments! I could go on….

  5. I had to make a last minute gift for a friend last year. Knowing she like to cook, I but together a cute apron, and matching mug rugs. She loved them so much, and now she can cook and have her coffee to.

  6. One year I gave two or four matching pot holders and last year I did infinity scarfs. These are stocking stuffers or just friends who you would like to do something extra by giving them something homemade.

  7. I love any kind of simple bag. A set of zippered pouches is always nice as our grocery tote bags. Infinity scarves are quite quick to make. And boxers for my husband! PJ pants would be quick too.

  8. For the last few years I have been knitting my Christmas gifts, but last year I sewed bags from Christmassy fabric to put them in, instead of wrapping them. This year, I plan to make actual tote bags, with embroidery done by my sewing machine, so the ‘wrapping’ will be a gift in itself! If you have an embroidery-capable machine, many quick gifts are possible by personalizing with simple embroidery, such as totes, hand and kitchen towels, mug rugs, etc.

  9. Hello Jill, I found the cutest idea just the other day…Just take 2 pieces of felt, or felt yardage…Place your hand on a piece of paper draw a U shape about that size…use the paper as a pattern, make sure you have 2-3 inches above where your hand ended…sew right sides together, using 1/2″ seam….finish off I side with 2 black buttons for eyes, a felt orange nose, and some buttons for a mouth…Yes it is a snow person, but fill with some of those cute little bottles of hand lotions and top it off with a pair of magic gloves and tie with a piece of ribbon….My granddaughter and I are making some this weekend for her to give to her friends at school…Just a cute little bag and very useful items for winter……

  10. I love the little “odds & ends” bags that have zippers. You could use them for makeup, pencils, change, whatever. They can have all kinds of details with patchwork or embroidery, or simply be cute fabric and a zipper. I look forward to reading all the suggestions. By the way, I love handmade pillows and quillows, too.

  11. I love the little “odds & ends” bags that have zippers. You could use them for makeup, pencils, change, whatever. They can have all kinds of details with patchwork or embroidery, or simply be cute fabric and a zipper. I look forward to reading all the suggestions. By the way, I love handmade pillows and quillows, too.

  12. I like to make stuffed fabric Christmas ornaments. These work great on the bottom of the tree, especially when there are small kids or cats in the house. (Of course, one of my cats would swipe them off of my tree and play with them. I guess she thought they were her Christmas presents!)

  13. I think all my friends have appreciated receiving the holiday napkins I make.

    I like big napkins, so cut them 20-inches square. (2 1/2 yards of a great Christmas cotton will give you 8 napkins, with a little extra to add to your stash to use for cross-stitch ornament backing or other Christmas quilting!)

    I never have washed the fabric ahead of time, and use my rotary cutter for cutting. I stitch all around the napkin with a 1/4 allowance. I use an assembly-line method and keep going on one side of each napkin, adding the next one directly, so I don’t waste a lot of thread. Then go back, snip them apart, and do the next side, etc. until all four sides have a “folding” guide stitched on them.

    Now, go to the ironing board and turn in the edge on the stitching line on the opposite two sides to enclose the raw edges. Fold that in again and press to make your “finished edge.”

    Go the machine and, again, in assembly-line style, stitch close to the edge of the inside fold. (I have always just used a straight stitch–but recently bought a new computerized machine, and–“light-bulb-moment RIGHT NOW”—-using a decorative stitch and some variegated thread might make it a little more fun.)

    Repeat for the other two sides–and “Uffda”–as good Norwegians would say–you have wonderful holiday napkins that anyone would love to receive!

  14. I think some individualized cuff bracelets would be awesome. Use leather or a heavy fabric for the inside and funky prints for the outside. You could even trim the sides with beads or use small fun buttons for a closure.

  15. Jill, I sew 5” squares into a 9-patch. Layer with a backing & batting, quilt as desired. Fold in half with right sides together, add a zipper to the long side and sew the short sides closed.
    This makes a great sewing or makeup bag. I made 40 of these bags for my quilt guild. I am a longarm quilter & quilted the bags in mass.
    Cynthia Fuelling

  16. I live in a cold climate and have been making rice-filled neck warmers that can be heated in the microwave or placed in the freezer for placing on sore muscles. I add a few drops of essential oil to the rice to make it extra special.

  17. Thankfully a lot of my friends have little girls, I’ve sewn a number of Bandanna Skirts! Super easy and take just a 15 minutes to a half hour most of the time. Otherwise I have a few fantastic knit hat patterns that take just an hour or two.

  18. I like to make patchwork ornaments and jewelry pouches (which make great sewing bags) for quick gifts. Good luck on your last minute work: I’ll be right there with you as I’m knitting a couple of gifts this year and that goes slowly!

  19. My favorite things to sew is hair scrunchies. I love to make these and give these away. They are very easy for me. I also like to make summer t-shirts, (spaghetti type), which they are very easy for me to sew.

    I am a beginner and have not been sewing very long and I could use all the help I could get so I do hope I win these books.

    Thank you for allowing me to enter this contest and good luck to all that enters.

  20. My favorite “quickie” sews are personalized, embroidered pillows, free-standing lace ornaments especially angels for the collectors, free standing lace tea light covers (a huge hit with the battery operated tea lights in different colors for Christmas and Hanukah), plain colored table runners with snowflake embroidered designs on them or Hindu designs for Diwali. Little in-the-hoop stuffies for kids (rainbow unicorns for little girls, monsters for little boys). Finger puppets for the even younger set. They’re all quick and not too expensive but look like a million bucks and are loved by the recipients. In fact sometimes, they’re really hard to let go. But then again, since they’re homemade, I can always make more.

  21. I have bought “blanks”, or hemmed fabric appropriate for guest towels, napkins, handkerchiefs. Guest towels which I hem using hucking (?), a cotton toweling, edge one side with lace, and near the lace end you can use decorative stiches (machine, hand , or monogram by machine or hand. Napkins you can buy plain ones or hem cotton, linen or linen look fabrics to napkin size, cocktail (coaster size) napkins 4-4.5 inches square, dinner napkin size 20 inches square (finished sizes, so add the hem allowance twice to come out to the correct size.. Then add decorative stitches to one corner, by hand or machine, initials are traditional, or use a motif that the recipient would enjoy. Surging the edges is quick and similar to many store bought napkins, makes for a more casual napkin (my opinion), Seasonal fabrics are colorful and do not need to match décor of the recipient, serge the edges with matching or contrasting thread. One warning for napkins use material that can be ironed (cotton, polyester, linen, or blends) and thread that can be ironed – avoid nylon (it can melt if ironed) .

  22. Easy sewn gifts, have a bunch of them because I have a large extended family that I like giving each something, even though we can’t afford to buy for each of them, at Christmas.

    If you have kids and their Christmas or school pictures get shared, this one is great. Use felt or another thick fabric for the back, cut into ornament shapes large enough to accommodate a wallet size or picture cut to accommodate similar size. Front can be same cloth or a Christmas/holiday themed fabric. Use glitter/silver/gold thread or cord for the hanging string. Thread/cord can be sewn into tops, tied on, glued on, and you can (if you have time) sew an embellishment where it goes into/on the top.

    There are so many ways to put these together, so pick which works best for you or mix them up.

    You can simply sew front to back, wrong sides together, & glue picture on, then add any decorative touches.

    A picture window can be cut from front panel to border image. You can sew like above or right sides together, turn, press, and carefully insert picture. Run glue with toothpick or similar around framing border to keep attached to picture and smooth with fingers.

    If you really want to go big you can add a middle panel to stuff to make the ornament more 3-d (or add small amount of top quilting to middle and back layers) and add top panel in one of ways above (top sewn on, sew all 3 layers and turn right side out, or hand stitch top panel on).

    For extra flair, if time, use good/silver/copper sharpies/fabric paint markers/fabric markers/fabric paint to put child’s name/year/child’s age, etc…

    If you don’t have kids, you can use a picture of whom you are giving the gift to from an event or holiday through the year, or use a family picture, older relatives, relative who recently passed as a memory ornament, so many choices and options with this easy, quick, thoughtful gift.