Sewing for Beginners: Sewing Basics and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Sewing for Beginners: Sewing Basics and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

I learned to sew from my mother and grandmother when I was young and then picked it back up when I was an adult. Even though I had spent many years at their sides learning techniques, when I began sewing again, it felt a little like I was starting all over as a beginning sewist. Of course, I immediately launched into making a jacket—not exactly a simple sewing project, but it was one way to reteach myself forgotten sewing skills! This collection of beginner projects, “Sewing for Beginners: Sewing Basics and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners,” is a much better way to get yourself stitching, whether you are an absolute newbie or rekindling rusty skills.

Inside this guide, you’ll find sewing basics for beginners, starting with one of sewing’s most important notions: thread! From there, you will learn from step-by-step sewing instructions how to create adorable projects: gifts tags, pincushions, and a patchwork tote, building skills along the way. Finally, you’ll get an indispensable glossary of basic sewing terms and techniques that you can refer to anytime you run across a new term.

I hope you’ll find this guide with easy sewing projects for beginners helpful as you embark upon your sewing adventures.

Amber Eden
Editor, Stitch magazine 

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6 thoughts on “Sewing for Beginners: Sewing Basics and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

  1. This is the BEST E-Book of projects I have ever downloaded. Thank you so much. I have the same type situation, my mother and grandmother were amazing seamstress’s and I spent my youth by their side. Now I have inheritated a sewing machine and Im dying to get back into it. This ebook is a perfect starter to bring back that forgotten knowledge.



  2. I’m trying to self learn basic sewing and this free download is going to be refered to again and again. Lots of useful information very clearly explained. Thank you.

  3. Oh God, I can’t download it. I don’t know why but everything is working well except when I click the download button, it does loaded then suddenly it stops :( Tried it several times but it ended up frustrating :( I really want to get a copy of this to try it with my daughter. For anyone who care to send me a copy, pretty please send me at

    Thanks in advance and really appreciate it.