Free Sewing Pattern: Stitch Up This Easy Yoga Mat Carrier

I just love the sleek and trim lines of this Yoga Mat Carrier designed by Krisje Deal for Stitch Spring 2013. Create this easy sewing pattern in the morning and carry your yoga mat to class within a couple of hours. Here's how:

This Yoga Mat Carrier by Krisje Deal
is stitched up in a snap!



– One yd medium- to heavyweight home décor cotton or cotton-linen blend fabric


– 8" of  3/4" hook-and-loop tape, iron-on

– Thread to match fabric

– Rotary cutter, acrylic ruler,

self-healing mat

– Press cloth


11⁄2" × 35" for the handle

11⁄2" × 20" for the end straps


– The measurements used in this project fit a standard yoga mat with a circumference of 16". If your yoga mat is thinner or thicker, measure your rolled up mat and add 5" to

this measurement for the End Strap pieces.

– Use a heavy-duty needle (90/ 14) when sewing heavier fabrics.

– Use a reinforced stitch when attaching the End Straps to theHandle.


1 Measure and cut the following fabric pieces:

– one 36" × 6" strip for the Handle

– two 21" × 6" strips for the End Straps


2 Fold the Handle strip in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together. Press to create a fold line down the middle.

3 Open up the fabric and fold the long, bottom raw edge up to meet the center fold line. Press.

4 Fold the long, top raw edge down to meet the center fold line. Press.

5 Now fold the handle in half lengthwise so that the raw edges are contained on the inside of the fold. Press.

6 Pin and topstitch 1⁄4" from the folded edges along the entire opening. Backstitch at both ends.


7 Wrong sides together, fold both short ends of one End Strap piece 1⁄2" toward the center.

8 Fold this same piece in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Press.

9 Open up the fabric, keeping the short ends folded in. Fold the bottom raw edge up towards the center fold. Then fold the top raw edge down toward the center line. Press.

10 Re-fold the strap in half lengthwise and press.

11 Repeat Steps 7-10 for second End Strap.


12 Insert one of the raw ends of the Handle at least 3/8." between the fold in the middle of one of the End Straps. Pin.

13 Topstitch 1⁄4" around the entire perimeter of the End Strap. Use a shorter stitch and add extra stitching at the point where the Handle is inserted. Backstitch at both ends. (See Figure 1.)

14 Repeat Steps 12-13 for the other End Strap.


15 To make the End Straps adjustable, cut two 4" pieces of hook-and-loop tape. Open the End Strap and lay it flat with the Handle facing away. Place the loop piece on top of the fabric on the left side of the End Strap. Place the hook piece underneath the End Strap on the right hand side. Check to see that you have the pieces lined up so that they will match each other when the straps connect. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to fuse the hook-and-loop tape.

16 For additional security, stitch around each hook-and-loop piece.

17 Repeat Steps 15 – 16 on the other End Strap.


Joel Dewberry, Notting Hill, FreeSpirit,

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Do you do yoga? I just love it, but the accessories can be pricey. I just love know that I can make my own gear that's beautiful and affordable. Are there any other ways that you use sewing to create the useful items in your life?

Happy stitching!


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