Check out the much improved bunny I made from Sew Fun: 20 Projects for the Whole Family!

I said I would make a better bunny over the weekend and I have delivered. This bunny is a project from Sew Fun: 20 Projects for the Whole Family by Deborah Fisher. It is packed with adorable and easy projects; perfect for winter break sewing and creating. 

Super cute & easy!

Stitching around the ears

Trim your corners
                                  Baste your ears down
A better bunny!

There are a few things aside from taking more time to complete, that I did differently.

I enlarged the bunny pattern by 10% because I wanted a bit bigger pattern to work with. And, I added the smile again and really that was about it. To prevent shifting of the fabric when I stitched it together I did pin right in the middle of the piece to make it shift-proof as I sewed around corners and such.

Be sure to trim seams for a smooth look to your bunny.

I thought this would be cute as ornaments for Christmas in holiday fabric and of course Easter. I would love to make another one and stuff it with lavender for a sweet baby gift.

So what do you think? How's my bunny look now!? How would you make your bunny.

Happy bunny making!







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