I Challenge Thee To A Bunny Sew Off!

I am not a fast seamstress. Any time I try to make something quick disaster strikes. And, so it happened with my bunny that I made from Sew Fun: 20 Projects for the Whole Family. Sew Fun has adorable projects that are a perfect way to sew with little ones or for little ones. Some of the projects are easy enough for a older child to do with supervision. My first project is the Little Smiles Bunny on page 129.  Don’t be afraid to say it, but my bunny looks more like something from a Primitive Art Show than from a skilled seamstress.

Copy pattern

I drew on the face directly

Looking not so good from behind

I present, Voodoo Bunny Doll

Maybe I was feeling a bit cocky, and thought this was a no-brainer, but it just goes to show you that even those who have sewn for a long time need to take it slow every now and then and follow the directions!

This is a straight forward project. Copy your patterns out and cut out on fabric. All the markings are there, just follow Deborah Fishers great instructions and take your time!

I found this really sweet fabric in the sewing studio at work. I love red and floral prints, perfect for a little bunny. I decided to draw on a smile on my bunny’s face because, all bunnies should be smiling don’t you think? The embroidery floss will cover up any markings. Be sure to mark for the ears too.

I used a 1/4″ stitch all around. The tricky part is sewing around curves, especially small ones. What I did to stabilize the fabric sections a bit was put a pin directly in the middle of the fabric far enough away from the sewing machine needle. This helps to keep the fabric in place as you turn the fabric for those curves.

And, be sure to press and clip your curved areas.

When sewing the ears be sure they are placed downward towards the right side of the fabric. See it’s all very simple isn’t it? Here’s what happened on my bunny.

I sewed his tail to the back leg, stitched his ears on backwards and mycurved seams are horribly wonky giving my bunny a square head. One of his ears didn’t quite get all in the within the seam allowance. And, my hand stitching? Do I need a refresher!?

Well, for good or for bad I don’t give up and I plan on taking this home over the weekend and promise you a better bunny by Monday. And, so comes my challenge if you have the book Sew Fun make this bunny and show me the results! If you don’t have the book, take a peek at it, it really is an adorable book. I will post my new and vastly improved bunny on Monday! Watch for it on Facebook!

Happy Sewing!

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2 thoughts on “I Challenge Thee To A Bunny Sew Off!

  1. I came across a very touching idea for a bunny. Taking fabric from great-grandma’s or grandma’s wedding dress and making an elegant bunny so it can be displayed on a older girl’s bed, in a chair, etc. The dress is now out of the box and a reminder of a love from long ago. What a great way to see your heritage.