Bring Back Summer With These Easy Sewing Projects

As I sit here in the middle of a classic three-day snowy Long Island Nor'easter, I am pondering summer. Don't get me wrong: I love all the seasons, including winter. But on a day like today, summer is looking pretty darn good. I've been diligently working on such serious projects this winter: drafting patterns for my class; creating a tailored jacket; reorganizing my sewing room. It's about time for a little fun and a light sewing project that I can make in a few hours.

Handstitched Applique Pillow
by Alex Woodbury

Petal Nesting Bowls
by Charise Randell

  Cityscape Tote
by Amy Struckmeyer

 So I am delighted to let you know that the digital patterns from Stitch Summer 2013 are now on sale. If you are into sewing accessories and looking for a quick and happy project to sew, this is the issue for you. It's chock full of home and fashion accessory projects.

In the Handmade Details section, you will find darling projects, like the Handstitched Applique Pillow by Alex Woodbury, to work your hand-sewing skills. In the Storage Units section, projects like the whimsical Petal Nesting Bowls by Charise Randell, will whet your appetite for home dec projects that will hold your stuff in style. And one whole section of the issue, All About Totes, was devoted to pretty bags of every shape and kind, such as the slick Cityscape Tote by Amy Struckmeyer.

Just looking at these projects helps me remember that winter doesn't last forever. I am sure that we could all use a little bit of summer right now.

Check out the great accessories patterns from Stitch Summer 2013 in the Sew Daily Shop.

What do you do to battle the winter blahs? I would love to know. I could use all the tips I can get right now!

Happy stitching!



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Easy Sewing Projects

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One thought on “Bring Back Summer With These Easy Sewing Projects

  1. The best way to win the battle against the winter blahs is to begin each day with meditation and quiet time and then stay busy. Personally, I get up early and read my bible and pray while having my morning coffee. After that, whatever free time I have is spent doing counted cross stitch. The necessity of total concentration for accurate placement of each color and counting of the individual stitches erases eliminates every other thought from my mind and, before I know it, hours have passed. The practice of doing something enjoyable first makes it easier for me to face all my daily chores before cooking dinner.