A New Sewing Project for the New Year

Can you believe it's officially 2014? I'm not usually one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year I set myself a few sewing goals for the year, specifically sewing for the home.

Time to replace this quilt with a handmade one.

About a month ago I realized I've never made a quilt for myself. I really had to stop and think about it, but it's true. Every quilt has been a gift for a friend or family member. 

My husband has asked me a few times when I'm going to make a quilt for our bed, and it seems like I've always had other projects that topped my list instead. So in 2014, it's time. I've decided to embark on a king quilt project. 

I have a quilt pattern picked out, and this fall began to amass a range of fabrics. I've always been attracted to batiks, and both my husband and I like blues and greens, so the quilt will be made primarily of those colors, with pops of other color here and there.

I've also set myself a goal of completion by May 1. I'm a deadline-oriented person (which comes in handy in my profession), to the point where I work best when there's a set deadline. Whether I meet my May deadline or not (I plan to!) I know setting one will keep me on track.

If you're looking for a organizational tools to use in the new year, check out the Organizational Kit of the month in the Sew Daily Store.

Have you set a crafting New Year's resolution, or sewing goal for 2014? I can't wait to hear. 


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Abby Kaufman is assistant editor of Stitch magazine. When she's not scoping out new fabrics for her collection, Abby enjoys outdoor activities, and spending time with her husband and two dogs. 

11 thoughts on “A New Sewing Project for the New Year

  1. my intention is to sew every day, except Sunday, for at least a half hour, hopefully two hours. This is not because it is a chore I must schedule, I just know how good I feel at the end of the day when I can list what I have made among my checklist of things I have done (like cleaning a closet…) I also plan to take more sewing classes just so I can be around other sewers who appreciate the craft. I keep a running list of projects I want to do and am forever adding to and rearranging it.

  2. This year I intend to go through my stash of fabric. I have bought fabric by the yard, charm packs and stacks; almost enough so I could sew a quilt to cover my entire house so I will be making a lot of small projects.

    I also have a quilt that I have to finish so that is my number one priority for this year – in fact, I will start today and I think I will set a deadline for myself.

    Finally, last year I bought some fabric to make curtains for my kitchen and dining room so this will be priority number 2.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!! Happy Sewing/Quilting……:)

  3. happy new year abby
    this year i will start sewing again because i skipped it many years before
    and recently i saw in a blog so lovely quilts and so i promised myself
    that i will becoming a sewer again
    can’t wait to see your quilt
    blues and greens are my prefered colors too
    i love the idea of a deadline – maybe i’ll try that
    all my best wishes

  4. Happy New year everyone. I’ve just spent the last two days reorganizing my sewing room, and stash into quilts I plan to make. My plan is to try a new style for each quilt.
    There are seven stacks of fabric ready to enjoy.

  5. Abby, I like your plan. Setting deadlines alnost always works. Well for some of us !! You see I have a very serious illness called Butfurst Disease.. I plan to have coffee start a load of laundry make the bed dress and then head off to my world of fabric thread and seam rippers. Butfurst I have to empty the dishwasher…put that laubsry in the dryer…now hubby is up got have cup of joe and danish with him beibg the good wife…then back to fabric ..I was going to start a new crib set today Butfurst I will organize this shelf of books. I need to finish those 4 totes and three toppers I started in theroy for Christmas butfurst I decided make something else so my UFO are invading . Because I an never ever negative ir or concernd with my set deadline. ..I see self ahead of the game for 2014

    As for the king size quilt you are finishing by May 1 I say shoot for the moon. I don’t jbw your pattern but I did king size lone star quilt in various shade of blue. Each diamond was hand cut and hand stitch I did machine quilting ib my Dad’s feather weight from Singer. I don’t have photos anymore.. pertty with different p rints..
    When the quilt was made we did itxi 4 section making it easier with to work
    Point is he and both did alot without all the new things . The bst tip my Dada gave me when working with large project or even just a larger scale print ..Dada would say for a project cut a quarterno more or less. Then be sure that there is strobg and sudtle notes
    I hope this all was sensible I would to know what pattern you are using?
    Thanks the blog desizgn ect listening to me babble.

  6. With Christmas behind me and the inability to finish all my UFOs that were supposed to be gifts for the family, I have set myself a goal to finish ONE project a month for Christmas. If I can manage to do this, I will have all of my Christmas gifts done way before Christmas! That’s my goal this year. One Christmas gift project a month!

  7. Hi, just love the comment from djimenez! Butfurst is something I have been suffering with for many, many years! My plan is to finish a lot of my UFO’S. I have a bed quilt I started at least 6 years ago called Hoy’s Tree Farm, all piecing and applique done, need to add borders and quilt. Enjoy your projects, cause they’ll surely be hanging around, if you are at all like me!!

  8. I’ve been researching my family history dating back to 1765 for the past year and decided to make a quilt to reflect the five major pioneer families in our ancestry. However, since there are 10 people that would like a copy of the finished family history album, it seems only fair that each one should have their own quilt to pass on to their children. This has been a labor of love these many months designing, quilting and working out all the gliches times 10!. I am now at the stage of almost finishing the top comprising of five panels and my goal is to finally complete all 10 quilts by the summer of 2014 so I can deliver this project in person to each family scattered around the country from California to New York state to Ontario, Canada.

  9. My plan this year is to sew a table runner, placemats, and napkins in addition to finishing the seat cover and curtains for our camper. I just started sewing again last fall and would like to make this my hobby. The two seat covers and stockings I sewed without any guidance turned out great, so I was inspired!

  10. I hope to enter a quilt in a juried show for the first time. I want try my hand at designing a small whole cloth wall hanging for my home; and learn to embroider postcard landscapes in the style of Monika Kinner-Whalen of the My Sweet Prairie Studio. however, unlike Ms Whalen’s prairie scenes, I hope to emulate the native flora from the fields and forests of the eastern states.

    These are extremely ambitious goals, especially since I am also trying to develop a small business making quilts for profit. But in 2013, my first full year of quilting, I designed, pieced and quilted five twin-sized bed quilts; a sofa throw, two quilted jackets and a quilted purse, so…. maybe I’ll meet all my 2014 goals after all!