4 examples of easy sewing projects that will get you back to your sewing machine

I've said it here on the blog a couple of times, but I really do love sewing fast but classic looking garments. The kimono jacket is a great example of timeless garment that looks good on many body types and can be dressed up or down. Skirts too can be wondrously simple to make but will give any wardrobe an update. Pencil skirts are quite easy too, especially when made with knits. Nothing gives off a classic look like pencil skirts. I do like sewing more complicated garments, but when I'm crunched for time simple sewing is my go to.

I also love sewing pants. I am making a pair of trousers that are taking quite a bit of time to perfect. But, I'm also making perhaps the easiest pair of pants, those with an elastic waist. I am testing a pattern for a pair of pants with an elastic waistband and wide legs. I'm making them in voile first to test the some fitting issues and then on to a drapey silk with the loveliest of tiny squares as a print. I need to remember to post a pic.

Cute and easy top for summer

A way for me to wear tulle without looking weird.



 The dress isn't me, but the wrap is.

Kimono Jacket seen in Stitch 2015. Oh ya.

A time saver tip here: What I did for my pants sewing is I cut out the pattern in the morning on a Sunday when I had some time. Next, I pinned them up after lunch and then stitched the whole thing together around 9pm. Boom, pair of pants. Boy, do I love efficiency!

Which brings me to this book, Simply Sewn by Michiyo Ito and it is totally up my alley. All the projects are simple to make but have that classic look and feel to them. Granted there are a few that I think might be my 'style' but with a few adjustments here and there, there is no doubt they would be. Below you'll see a few photos from the book. I have a copy on my desk and I will be making one here soon. If you have a copy tell me which one I should stitch up, and I'll do it!


 Or if you have a question please let me know on the blog!

Happy Sewing!






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