Easy Sewing Projects

Find quick and easy sewing projects from trusted sewing resources, including top picks for last minute ideas and perfect beginner projects. Whether you are an experience sewer or new to the craft, discover your favorite easy sewing patterns at Sew Daily.


Tell Me Your Favorite Easy Sew Gifts To Make

Time to get busy! Easy Sew Gifts For The Holidays Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily SewDaily.com I'm one of those people that really don't like thinking, shopping or planning for the holidays until at the very latest Thanksgiving.  And, to be honest, I'm usually getting it all done about a day or two before…


Are You A Fan Of Digital Sewing Patterns? Let Me Know!

Learning to use digital sewing patterns Yay or Nay for digital sewing patterns? Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily SewDaily.com Question of the day is do you sew with digital sewing patterns? Most of my sewing patterns are from the big four pattern companies with my indie section getting bigger by the day. I do…


Sewing With Friends And Family

Here at F+W Media we wanted to extend our thanks to all our friends and family who have read our blogs, been fans on Facebook, watched our videos and read our magazines. We wouldn't be here without you so please take advantage of this 40% off and we hope you continue to grow as a…


It’s Throwback Thursday with Caroline Hulse!

Happy Thursday, Sew Daily comrades! Since it’s Throwback Thursday, we’re talking lounge shorts with Caroline Hulse. These super-comfy babies were featured in Modern Holidays 2014, still available in the Sew Daily shop. Why not sew some up as a gift for yourself? Enjoy! Hello! My name is Caroline Hulse and I am the author of…


Bust That Pile of Sewing Scraps!

Got scraps? Bust That Pile of Sewing Scraps! Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily SewDaily.com Over the weekend I was working on a Blitzkrieg of sewing projects. I cut out three skirt patterns and managed to sew two in various states of done-ness. The last one has been cut out but that's about it for…


How to Get Your Sewing Mojo Back!

Easy shorts is just a leg away from pants!        Over the weekend I organized my sewing room (a never ending task). Being in a messy room kills any creativity for me. Plus, with work, life and all the other things that get in the way of sewing I've lost a bit of…