Friday Sew-Along: Make a Mod Mini/Tunic by Alexia Abegg.

This week we are starting on a brand new project from Stitch Summer 2015. It is the A-Line Mini Dress by Alexia Abegg. I just love Alexia's designs. They are modern and fresh and there's really nothing else like them. She works side by side with her mother at Green Bee Designs and also designs fabrics for Cotton + Steel. You can find this pattern and instructions, featuring some of her Cotton + Steel amazing double gauze in Stitch Summer 2015 in the Sew Daily Shop. The magazine is available in digital format for speedy sewing, as well as print. It also features many other modern sewing and quilting projects. . 

We are making Alexia Abegg's adorable 
mini dress from Stitch Summer 2015

I will be using this lovely Indian silk
that I bought in Quieens, N.Y. 

My first step is to download,
tape, and trace off the pattern.

I plan to wear this dress as a tunic top and I have this amazing silk that I purchased at an Indian fabric store in Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y. I have been stashing this fabric for just the right project and I can see the emerald and turquoise fabrics in my mind, blending perfectly in this adorable project. 

My first step is to download the pattern and instructions from Stitch Summer 2015. I love digital patterns because you can access them at any time, which more me is usually the middle of the night. I even enjoy taping them together and tracing off my pattern. Very Zen!

I am going to let you gather your pattern, fabric, and materials, and I will see you here next week to start sewing. I am so excited about this project!

Get Alexia's A-Line Mini Dress pattern and instructions in the latest issue of Stitch, Summer 2015, in the Sew Daily Shop

iHappy stitching!



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