Friday Sew-Along: Make a Mod Mini Dress / Tunic by Alexia Abegg, Part 2

Last week we started on the A-Line Mini Dress by Alexia Abegg from Stitch Summer 2015. We downloaded the pattern and instructions and chose our fabrics. Let's move on to cutting out the pattern:


Step 1: Trace pattern.
Step 2: Trace pattern info.
Step 3: I added 1-1/2 inches to length.
Step 4: Cut out pattern Step 5: I am doing an overlay on the collar.
We are making the A-Line Mini Dress by
Alexia Abegg featured in Stitch Summer 2015.

Step 1: Trace off the pattern pieces.

Step 2; I like to trace off the pattern piece info as well. 

Step 3: The dress was a little too mini for me, so I added a 1-1/2 inch hemline.

Step 4: I am going to do my favorite easy couture trick and underline the dress. to give the lovely silk body. 

Step 5: I am going to use an overlay of light green silk gazar to layer over the green silk contract fabric for the collar. I will be using a very light interfacing with the added layer of the green silk to act as an interfacing with a softer hand. 

To get the A-Line Mini Dress pattern, visit the Sew Daily Shop to download Stitch Summer 2015. And while you are there, check out our amazing special Friends and Family sale.

Next week, we will be taking a little break to learn some "cowboy" sewing tricks with knits with LIz Evans of Simple Simon from the Tacony Common Threads event  that I have been attending this week. And the week after that we will get back to putting the dress together

Until then, happy stitching!

Amber Eden



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