Friday Sew-Along: Make a Mod Dress / Tunic by Alexia Abegg, Part 4

This week we are continuing on the Sew-Along for the A-LIne Mini Dress by Alexia Abegg, and we will be focusing on the bodice construction.. If you want to catch up, you can read Parts 1-3 on this blog. To get the pattern and instructions, download Stitch Summer 2015 from the Sew Daily Shop:

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A-line Mini Dress from
Stitch Summer 2015

Step 12: I am using a very soft Japanese fusible interfacing. I love Japanese fusibles; they are almost other worldly in their weightlessness.

Step 13: I just doubled the collar pattern and interfacing to cut out the interfacing. 

Step 14: With thin fusible interfacing like this, I like to fuse first and cut after. It's easier than trying to squeeze one oddly shaped piece onto another. 

Step 15: I fused a larger piece that asked for at the V of both the bodice and lining to give a little more support. The interfacing is so lightweight that it won't affect the sweet drape of the silk.

Step 16: I am using a green iridescent  silk gazar overlay on the collar. To secure, I pin and basted the gazar to the India silk.

Step 17: I stitch the interfaced V on the bodice to reinforce, then clip point just to the stitch line, but not through it. 

Step 18: In pinning the bodice to the skirt, I spread the clipped V as wide as it can go and match that to the point on the seam allowance of the skirt. You are basically matching the seam allowances, marking the exact point with a pin.. I then pin and baste the rest of the bodice to the skirt.

Step 19: Dropping the needle at the exact center point of the spread clipped V on the stitch line, I sew to the side seam of the dress, going exactly along the reinforcement stitching line on on the interfacing . Then I start at the other side seam and stitch to the center. (I have already stitch the seam here, but am showing that exact centerpoint where you should drop the needle.) 

Step 20: I press the seam up and I have inserted the skirt into the bodice. I will repeat for the lining. 

Okay, we will stop here for this week. Next week, we will be putting together the bigger pieces and attaching the collar. Getting close!

Get the instructions and pattern for the A-Line Mini Dress in the Sew Daily Shop.

Happy stitching!

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