Friday Sew-Along for Beginners: Use a Woven Fabric in a Kimono Knit Dress Pattern, Part 4

I think I have successfully worked around my bodice issue last week by adding panels to the center back, and fingers crossed it won't affect the neckline. At least, that's what my dress form is telling me. (And if it does, I have a workaround for that too!) So I am ready to move on to the skirt. I don't have enough of the silk charmeuse to line the skirt, so I am using another fun silk print from my stash. It's a fabric that my mother bought years ago at Eunice Farmer's in St. Louis, now long gone. I am so happy to have a piece of St. Louis sewing history in my dress!  You will need the Absolute Beginner's e-book to complete this project. It contains both the pattern and the instructions and is digital, so you can have it in an instant!

If you are just joining us, be sure to review Parts 1, 2, and 3 on this blog. We work a little bit each week, and I know that you can catch up!

Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Step 17 Step 18
Step 19
 Below, kimono-style dress as featured in Absolute Beginners
e-Book, above.

Step 14: I measure the zipper and snip where it ends on the center back seam for both lining and fashion fabric. I stitch a French seam from the notch down to the hemline on both.

 Step 15: After completing the French seams on the lining and fashion fabric skirts, I attached lining and main skirt by pinning and hand-basting the bottom edges together, right sides together. I basted 1/2 inch from the edge and then stitched.

 Step 16: Next, I gather the top edge of the main skirt. To get the best gathers, I use three rows of gathering stitches. (I learned this trick in couture sewing class.) Draw up the three bobbin threads to gather.

Step 17: I measured the bodice bottom edge and gathered the main skirt to match. I will gathered the attached skirt lining later.

Step 18: Pin, then hand baste the skirt to the bodice. Next, machine stitch, carefully checking the that gathers are distributed evenly. I like to stitch from the skirt side as closer to gathering threads as possible to get smooth gathers. .

Step 19: Stitch three gathering rows 1/8th inch apart on the top edge of the lining.

Next week, we will hand-finish the dress. That's my favorite part, because you can take hand-stitching anywhere. 

Download the Absolute Beginners e-Book from the Sew Daily Shop and start your kimono dress project, and other modern, easy projects today.  To get started on the dress, see Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3  of the sew along. Have questions! Ask here! Happy stitching!

For more great projects, check out Stitch Summer 2015. It has wonderful modern sewing projects for every level. 

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